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Fancy being a Rebel in 2023?
Fancy being a Rebel in 2023?

Ever thought of yourself as a bit of a Rebel? How about getting fit and meeting new people in the New Year?

With exercise often described as ‘The Miracle Pill’ because of its positive impact on all aspects of health, getting people out and working up a sweat may be just what we all need!

Doctors are actually beginning to prescribe the weekly free parkrun to their patients and there have been many examples of successes as a result.

But, where to start? For a lot of people 5K is a massive step. It’s just too daunting, and nobody wants to try something and (in their own mind) fail.

That’s where Rebel Runners Couch to 5K steps in. Starting on Saturday January 7th, they plan to help you every step of the way.

How does the FREE couch to 5K work?

Well, firstly it really is free, you just need to be able to get to the Great Lines in Gillingham on a Saturday morning.

What you don’t need to be is athletic of super-fit. With the Rebels Runners’ friendly coaching most people will be able to run 5K in 8 weeks.

Just think of the health benefits from being able to do that! What a start to the year!

It’s certainly isn’t scary either! Rebel Runners are a friendly bunch and members will give you a helping hand all the way. Here’s a quote from a past participant:

“I’d never run outside of playing sport before, so I was a bit anxious when we went to register at the beginning of January. However, I shouldn’t have worried. Everyone was very friendly and supportive”.

Graduation is at the Great Lines parkrun in Gillingham. If you didn’t already know, parkrun isn’t really a race. When you turn up you see people of all abilities, children in buggies, 85 year olds – a real cross section!

There’s really no need to worry how fast you are, some people walk, some are very fast, but most are somewhere in between.

To register your interest just email [email protected].

You’ll be glad you did!