Fancy being a Rebel in 2022?
Fancy being a Rebel in 2022?

Ever thought of yourself as a bit of a Rebel? How about getting fit and meeting new people in the New Year?

With exercise often described as ‘The Miracle Pill’ because of its positive impact on all aspects of health, getting people out and working up a sweat may be just what we all need!

Doctors are actually beginning to prescribe the weekly free parkrun to their patients and there have been many examples of successes as a result.

But, where to start? For a lot of people 5K is a massive step. It’s just too daunting, and nobody wants to try something and (in their own mind) fail.

That’s where Rebel Runners Couch to 5K steps in. Starting on Saturday January 8th at Great Lines in Gillingham and using a qualified coach, they take participants from walking to running 5km in 8 gentle weeks.

Starting with mainly walking and increasing the running part as the weeks go by. They also provide one to one support and encouragement from their members every step of the way. After 8 weeks participants ‘graduate’ with a parkrun!

Here’s a comment from a past C25K runner:

“Since graduation I’ve kept the hobby going and noticed many health benefits. However, doesn’t have to be an obsession, nor is it overly expensive or time consuming. I don’t run if the weather is bad, but it’s kept me fit and active all year.”

As well as health and fitness new runners may also enjoy other benefits from taking up running as a hobby. There is tremendous camaraderie among runners so it’s easy to make friends. There is also the ‘runners high’ to consider. This is a release of endorphins associated with exercise which has massive positive benefits to mental health. Yes, running makes you feel good about yourself!

To find out how you can join this fantastic free programme simply contact: [email protected] . Remember, the programme starts on Saturday January 8th 2022.