Wilford looking to challenge in 2019
Wilford looking to challenge in 2019

Sam Wilford is back on track in 2019 as he makes the move to the British GP2 class as part of the British Supersport Championship grid.

Ahead of the new season Sam has been talking to Kent Sports News looking back at his 2018 campaign and ahead to the challenges that 2019 will bring.

Speaking about having a solid British Supersport campaign last season, he said: “Yes, it is great to have had a solid season like that after the last two rocky years.

“The team and everyone around me is really happy with the progress we made this season and we can’t wait to keep that momentum going.”

As for highlights of the season, there were two races that stand out for Sam as being Brands Hatch GP race two and Silverstone race two.

He added: “Those two races would definitely be the highlights. The Brands Hatch race where we finished in second place was maybe a little bit gifted almost, but nevertheless it was an emotional high for everyone to achieve that result.

“Silverstone was even better where we were in a big scrap for the win until the chequered flag and no position was gifted that day.”

Sam believes that the season progressed for him the more he grew into the racing and therefore the championship.

“Yes definitely, I think we had to start on a blank sheet at the first round and work from there. Working with a sports performance consultant and personal trainer also helped as the year went on.

“We really had to work our way back up the field to end up where we had, bearing in mind we barely managed to finish in the points until round 3 or 4. So it really is down to everyone’s focus and hard work around me.”

With the GP2 class being trialled in the Supersport championship last season, Wilford has made the jump to the class for next season and explains how that move came about.

He said: “From when I started racing bikes the dream was always to race at World Championship level and as I was getting to old to race a GP125 or Moto3 I than set focus on the Moto2 championship, which seems to be one of the most competitive championships in the world right now.

“So for the past few years I have always dreamed of racing in that class, and I think the first steps to achieving that is racing in the new British GP2 class. So now luckily everything has come together and maybe one day we can step up to something in the World Championship.”

Sam is expecting the competition to be tough next season but he is certain that he can compete when he takes to the grid.

He added: “I think any British Championship is tough to win. Especially the British Supersport title and I’m sure the GP2 crown will be just as hard to achieve. At the end of the day we want to be overall competitive in Supersport as well.

“I am also confident with the package we have for next season we will have success. It is by far the best setup I have had in my racing career especially with newly on-board data technician Andy Jamison.

“We head out for Spain for our first test in January. I really can’t wait to get a feel for the bike and start working with my crew. We all have a lot to learn but once we get the ball rolling I think we will be very competitive.”

Finally we asked Sam if he is going to be setting himself any targets for the coming season and if he plans on working with a team again for the season or whether he will be running as a privateer.

He said: “We will be working on a target and goal as soon as we start testing. The goal always changes from race to race, but the overall target will definitely be to competitively ride at the front in every race to win the title.

“For the last two years it has been a family run team and I guess even next year it will be. The only difference next year will be taking on Andy Jamison who will only add data and information to the team.

“With him I have Dave who has looked after the bike miraculously for the past three years and my family. So it is a really close little team but what else would you want? We have everything we need to achieve the goals and targets set for next year and I can’t wait to get started.”