Staplehurst Monarchs vs Chatham Town – abandoned
Staplehurst Monarchs vs Chatham Town – abandoned

Staplehurst’s biggest game in their history only lasted ten minutes as Alex Bishop 25 yards out from goal was tackled by a Chatham defender and stayed down.

Eventually the Referee stopped the game for treatment but it was then that Bishop was in real pain & eventually he was found to have a double fracture of the leg, the ambulance was called and it arrived 50 minutes later/.

The Referee Ben Fuller then decided to abandon the game, Staplehurst had decided to walk off the pitch before that decision was made while Chatham wanted to carry on.

The game had started well for Chatham as in the second minute they took the lead when a ball across the area came to Freddie Maher who side footed it in from 15 yards.

In the 9th minute it was nearly two when Rob Brown’s dinked cross was headed backwards by Kieron Pallet beating Steve Lawrence in the Staplehurst goal but lucky for him it came back off the crossbar into the arms of Lawrence.

In the next minute Bishop had passed the ball forward to Tony Goodayle and his shot was saved by Andy Walker, then it was noted that Bishop was injured, the game stopped & eventually abandoned. The game is now in the hands of the KCFA in what happens next.

Before the match I was able to get a chat with Staplehurst’s co-chairman Richard Monks who told me about the ambitions of the club, firstly to survive in the First Division of the Southern Counties, then in the next two seasons try for promotion, the ground is in good condition and will have a tannoy and a board up with teams on it.

The club has also got 21 teams which include 5 female teams also he said that he would like to get a clubhouse built. This seems like a club on the move with great expectations. The club seems to be in good hands.

       Staplehurst Monarchs United:

  1. S.Lawrence       2. M.Baker 12. A.Sanders  4. S.Huckle   5. K.Pallett  6. C.Evans  7. A.Bishop

8.     T.Goodayle     9. P.West  14. F.Pooley   11. S.Anderson

Subs Used: None

Subs Not Used: 10. M.Hathaway  12. L.Goodwin   16. P.Silkorn

Bookings: None

        Chatham Town:

  1. A.Walker       2. Rg Manyewe  3. G.Sheminant  4. Harry.Mills  5. C.Weston  6. C.Dickens

7.    H.Brown     8.  F.Maher   0. J.Strouts  10. R.Brown   11. M.Bodkin

Subs Used:  None

Subs Not Used:  Gk. Harvey.Mills  13. J.Pilbeam  14. D.Bradshaw  15. J.Watts  16. K.Garinge

Bookings:  None

Referee:  Mr. Ben Fuller

Assistants:  Mr. John Quirke  & Mr. S.Malins