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Prestedge delighted to join Brickies
Prestedge delighted to join Brickies

Reece Prestedge is going to be the new man on the Sittingbourne bench this season and ahead of his new position, he’s been talking about the season and the challenges ahead. 

The former Margate assistant, who interrupted his holiday to speak to us about joining Ryan Maxwell’s coaching team, admitted that the move to the Staxson Stadium at Woodstock Park would be something new for him.

“To be honest, I don’t think I have had the privilege of playing at Sittingbourne in my playing days. That said though, I have heard the atmosphere is always terrific and the fans support is fantastic!” 

“I like to think that I am a winner both mentally and physically. Was very focused on leadership and drove the team on, and even though I say so myself, I wasn’t bad on the ball and scored the odd few goals.”

“Growing up, I always enjoyed watching the likes of Gazza very early years, and after than it had to be players like Paul Scholes and Stevie Gerrard.” 

Last season Prestedge was with Margate as they struggled at the wrong end of the Isthmian Premier leaving just before Christmas.

“Honestly it was a tricky one,” he told us. “I felt at the time we weren’t in a bad place at all…. but that is gone, and I would much rather push on with Sittingbourne. Since I left Margate, I’ve pretty much done what I always do… help players and managers out behind the scenes.” 

“I’ve known Maxy (Brickies boss Maxwell) for some time – we have known each other a while now, and we’ve always had good relationship within football and convos helping each other out.”

“So, when he asked me if I wanted to be on board, it was a no brainer. Winners circle!” Prestedge added.  

“I’m very passionate, but I’m more about analysing the game at the time – look at what’s in front of me and speak with players and loads of encouragement.”

“I know that last season finished on a down for everyone, but I think even though it will feel disappointing, the club and where Maxy (management team) took the team last year was exceptional.”

“We want to go further; I’m really looking forward to the start which isn’t far away!”