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Podiums and points for Ryan Dixon
Podiums and points for Ryan Dixon

Kent’s Ryan Dixon was back on the podium at the latest round of the No Limits Racing season at Cadwell Park.

He finished with points in race one with a sixth place finish, he was on the top step in race two and rounded the weekend off with a podium in race three.

Ryan brings us up to date with his latest race report.

A weekend with a bit of everything. Dry test day, got some decent sessions in and felt like I was about where I needed to be going into the race weekend.

Saturday morning saw qualifying in ‘dry’ conditions, loosely speaking. Damp in areas and a mist of rain in the air but in my mind not wet enough for wet tyres, I opted for full slicks, intermediates probably would have been an ideal choice but having only two sets of wheels I don’t have that option.

There was a big range of tyres chosen between everyone and despite staring off running 8th and 9th I pushed on slightly more each lap, upping the pace slightly and taking pole position on the final lap by over a second, a great start! It turned out that was all we were going to do Saturday as the weather and many red flags and delays meant we ran out of time for our race before the endurance race had to start!

This meant all three races would take place Sunday…Sunday we woke up to wet conditions as expected after overnight rain. Were fitted and we went out for race 1.

Race 1 – A very tentative start saw me drop back to 9th at one point, a lack of confidence still evident after crashing every time I rode in tricky conditions last year. However, I plugged away and pushed on more and more as the laps went on to move up to 6th. I lined up and made a pass for 5th on the final lap but ran wide which allowed two riders back past and I only had time to re pass one to take 6th at the line. Slightly disappointing but points make prizes! (Hopefully)

Race 2 – rain had stopped and the track conditions were changing all the time. I decided again it was too dry for wets and with a dry line emerging in most areas, I risked it and chucked the slicks in last minute and went for it.

There was a big range of tyres on the front two rows, only me and one other with slicks fitted and he crashed out but I took my time and didn’t get flustered when all the others shot off and gapped me at the start, taking time to build into it and get some heat into the tyres, working through to second and then having a gap of over the 3.5 second to chase down.

I got my head down and set too it, initially not making any real headway but then as the leaders tyres started to get worse and mine came in to their own, the gap tumbled by over a second a lap, taking the lead with just over two laps to go and then taking it steady to make sure I got to the finish and take the win and also the fastest lap and therefore pole position for race 3.

Race 3 – a good start saw me lead the first 3 laps or so before dropping to second, I allowed the leader to Hal me initially before getting back into the groove and trying to chase him down, the gap stayed constant but I couldn’t close it in and so decided second would do and solid points for the championship before making a mistake with a lap and a half to go, nearly running off the track and allowing the rider behind to close in and pass me still 3rd, another podium and three solid finished was good enough in the ever changing conditions!

That leaves me 2nd in the championship, 9 points off the lead and 41 clear of 3rd place so in a good position heading to round 4 at Croft, a track I’ve never even been to! Thanks to all who have made this season so far possible, a much better start than in 2023! Without them I wouldn’t be racing for sure so it really is massively appreciated…

Images courtesy of Campix Photography