Parrish wants Smith back at Dynamos
Parrish wants Smith back at Dynamos

Head coach Kevin Parrish has admitted he would love to see the Invicta Dynamos leading points scorer Andy Smith back at the club.


The 31 year old has passed a thousand points in a Dynamos shirt, but last played in the play-off final at the end of last season.

Still not having confirmed his retirement, Smith is someone Parrish would love to see back playing again and the Head Coach admitted the pair had been in talks and was hoping he would come back soon:

“I wanted Smithy here at the first game of the season. I want Smithy here week in, week out, but if Andy Smith’s not 100% on playing, then there’s no point on having Andy Smith here.”

“We all know what he can do for this club and we all all know what he’s done for this club, but at the moment Andy’s not sure what he wants to do.”

“I for one don’t want Andy to have gone out in that play-off final, finishing in a losing team and saying that he’s hung them up, but he hasn’t said that to me and he’s just not 100% on playing.”

“He needs to make that decision and we need to get that decision made quickly. As frustrating as it is for the fans, it’s frustrating for me as well and I even think it’s frustrating for Smithy as well.”

“I have been in contact with him and there’s no friendships lost, he’s just not 100% committed to playing.”

“Soon though that door will have to be shut as we need guys to come in and further this team and make it a better team than it is. Smithy would make this team a better team, there’s no doubt about that.”

“When he’s ready to play and let’s hope he is ready to play before Christmas, or maybe a week after the Christmas break.”

“His shirt is all ready and signed up as it was at the start of the year.”


With a ten year stint at the Dynamos, Smith has been a one club man and Parrish is hoping he is recognised by the league for his achievements and revealed the club are keen to host a testimonial game at the end of this campaign:

“We have offered Andy a testimonial, he knows that. He can come in and play at the end of the season if he plays for us for the rest of the year and he can have a proper send off.”

“A guy that’s got a thousand points for this club deserves it and I personally, the players that have played with him and against him would agree that Andy shouldn’t just go out and retire.”

“For one guy to stay at the club as long as he has, is something that should be looked at beyond this club, by the league and the Hall of Fame.”

With Callum Fowler having negotiated his release from the Bracknell Bees, Dynamos fans will be hoping the pair are back playing for the club in the coming weeks.

This weekend, the Dynamos will look to extend their unbeaten run further with Milton Keynes Thunder coming to Gillingham on Saturday night before heading to league leaders Chelmsford Chieftains once again on Sunday evening.

Adam McNicoll and Bailey Wootton will once again be sidelined through injury, but the Dynamos should have a strong roster for both games.

Pictures supplied by David Trevallion.