New challenge for Dixon in 2020
New challenge for Dixon in 2020

Ryan Dixon will be looking to take on a new challenge once the 2020 motorsport season gets underway.

Having been a regular in the British Superbike championship paddock racing in the British Supersport series for 2020 he is moving to Thundersport GB.

Speaking to Kent Sports News about making the move, Dixon said: “The plan is to try and contest the complete Thundersport GB Sportsman Elite 600 Championship and try to challenge for the title.

“If I have any budget available after that, I’ll try and enter a couple of British Supersport rounds at BSB as a wildcard too.”

Moving to the Elite 600 championship for 2020, will mean that Ryan can challenge at the sharp end of the grid and hopefully emerge with the title at the end of the season.

He said: “That’s the plan. With the experience I have now, I believe it is a realistic goal to be able to try and challenge for the title but nothing in racing is ever a given!

“Anything can happen and usually does…hopefully I can raise enough funds to compete in all rounds but I’ll have to wait and see, negotiations are still on going.

“It is quite competitive, obviously not quite as fast and competitive as British Championship but also nowhere near as expensive either.

“It’s still not cheap, but motorsport isn’t but hopefully it’ll be easier to be more competitive and on a slightly lower spec bike which mine is at the moment. Less power, a bit slower but fingers crossed with that comes reliability.”

It will be strange not seeing Dixon week in week out in the British Supersport Championship but he is hoping to do some wildcard rounds at Brands Hatch most likely.

He added: “If there is a possibility of a wildcard or two with any remaining funds then yes, sure but as I said, motorsport is not cheap and funds are tight so it’ll be a case of see how I go during the season and go from there really.”

As well as balancing work and racing Ryan also has to balance family life and that is not easy as he explains.

“I do indeed, my little boy Max is almost nine months now, already! Although, not sure how that happened so quickly!

“The situation makes racing a little trickier, time wise and obviously there is a lot more responsibility on things other than racing such as paying the bills and putting food on the table but it hasn’t changed my desire to race bikes, no.

“I love it still, always have and all the time I have support from sponsors and the equipment to do a bit, I’ll do some racing as and when possible. Hopefully one day, Max and I can do some riding together, although I don’t think his mum is too keen!”

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