Massey excited to be back
Massey excited to be back

Anelle Massey is back in training ahead of her second professional boxing fight in two weeks’ time.

Massey will once again be stepping through the ropes at the famous York Hall, Bethnal Green.

It was the scene of her first professional fight, which ended up in a draw and left Anelle with a fractured thumb, which meant she missed her scheduled second fight. Although she is now fully fit and ready to get back in the ring again.

Speaking to Kent Sports News ahead of the fight, Nel said: “I’m so excited to get back into the ring. It feels like it’s been forever since I last stepped through the ropes.”

Obviously with Anelle’s first fight ending in a draw it was a little disappointing for her, but she is more determined than ever for fight two.

She added: “At first getting the draw broke my heart. Myself and the majority of York Hall thought I had clearly won the fight but that’s boxing for you.

“I stuck to the game plan but just didn’t do enough of what I was doing. I hadn’t boxed for over a year, the occasion gets to you and human emotions take over sometimes!

“The draw has made me just want to train harder and prove to people I will be a world champion. It was just another day in the office the end goal doesn’t change.”

Massey has been in camp in preparation for the fight and those preparations have been going well, even if she has had to give up a few things before fight night approaches.

“No more pizza! Not until after my fight anyway ha ha. I had been ticking over in the gym working on new things for a while and was just waiting for a fight date. So now things have stepped up and will slowly taper down come fight week.”

Nel was injured in the first fight and it only became apparent before the second fight as she explains.

“I actually fractured my thumb in two places in my debut. I let it heal for a while and thought we was good to go until I went sparring and it went again. We’re fully fit now with no injuries what so ever.”

Once again Anelle will have her friends and family in her corner come the 27th April and she believes they make a massive difference.

She added: “Team Massey fans were so loud at my debut it was brilliant. Every single person that spends their hard earned money to come and support me…It means the world.”