Lidsey on tough decision
Lidsey on tough decision

Brett Lidsey recently announced that he will be moving away from racing in the UK for 2020 to race in Europe.

He will be joining the Nurburgring Endurance series for 2020, which really wasn’t an easy decision for him to make.

Speaking about the move to Kent Sports News, Lidsey said: “It was a big decision and not one that was easily made, I think over the years I made a profile in the one make racing and with Renault but with over ten years in a front wheel drive race car it was time to look at a new challenge, so to me that meant rear wheel drive.

“At heart I am a BMW man so I wanted to get into a BMW, one thing that was important though was to make sure it’s still all about the driver when I race, so when looking around it had to be one make or very well regulated, that’s when I come across the BMW M240 cup car, like the Clio cup it’s a factory built race car with set in stone regulations.

“This made my decision, but what series to enter was then the question, with the car being a pretty aged car with the new M2 comp race car being released next season there was a few different series to choose from, being a Nürburgring lover I always wanted to race it so the VLN just made complete sense, the M240 has its own class (cup5) + it’s abroad so better value for money with exchange rates and track time etc.”

Brett has made the move to the Endurance series and he already has some experience of the race series.

He added: “I had my first taste of VLN last year at the final round and coming from such a high profile UK event like the BTCC package I had expectations, after just an hour of being at the track I could see why the VLN or NES as it’s called now is so special.

“People think it’s just Germans that attend but the fact is the VLN is so big that people from all around the world attend making it iconic. With regards to me racing in it I believe it’s the perfect step in my racing career, with the track being the longest most dangerous circuit in the world it’s a challenge I’m looking forward to.”

One thing that will take some getting used to will be having the qualifying and races all in one day.

“Going from a full weekends racing to just Friday and Saturday will be different for me, I think that having the Friday to still test before the four hour race on the Saturday will help massively, the first few races it will be about me and my team learning a setup that we all like and can work with.”

Looking back at racing in the UK race series, Lidsey looked back on his racing but it was time to prove that he can race other cars and series.

He said: “I massively enjoyed it, I raced some of the best drivers in the country I also beat them which I’m very proud of, but when racing abroad in the F1 races and the Clio cup final, including the Benelux races and Central Europe rounds I just felt more at home.

“It’s hard to explain but it suited me better, I enjoyed it more, I’m not sure if it’s the circuits or the atmosphere I’m yet to discover but once they announced the departure of the UK Clio cup from the TOCA package it was time to make that step, I believe the Clio cup has taught me a lot about race craft and the skill set needed to win which I’m looking forward to putting to work in the Nürburgring Endurance Series. 

“I want to finish top five by the end of the season with getting onto the podium along the way, it’s a big learning curve so I don’t want to get ahead of myself but the aim is always to win!

“Getting used to sharing a car with two other drivers and working to strategies will take time but I’m positive we can reach my goals as I have two good drivers alongside me and a great team.”

The series organisers have recently announced that there will be a revised calendar that Brett was happy that they had put together.

He added: “There is no telling what will happen, I’m glad they have revised the Calendar and not just dropped the rounds which is a positive, I believe Germany has dealt with the virus well which is another positive, I think getting to the circuit is going to be the challenge if the season goes ahead as planned.”

Finally we asked Brett what he was doing to keep himself fit and ready to go once the 2020 season does get underway.

“With the gym being closed at first I was worried I would lose the motivation but this stay at home rule has only made me more hungry so I have been going running and cycling and enjoying it.

“I also joined the sim crew and got myself a PC so I can still work on my driving also, I have been playing IRacing and also race room to train.”

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