King: ‘We deserved to win the game’
King: ‘We deserved to win the game’

Despite scoring three excellent goals, Welling United had to settle for a point against Vanarama National League South league leaders Woking.

After the game, Welling manager Steve King was left scratching his head. “We deserved to win the game.” he said “Their manager said we should have won the game. Seeing the game out, we’ve got to better. We gave them their goals.

“The second one was a fantastic strike but we needed to get closer. In that position you have to show the winger outside, not inside. You can hold your hand up and say ‘brilliant strike’ but they shouldn’t have got that near our goal.”

He continued “We got a point. We deserved all three but it didn’t go our way. They’ll say ‘their never say die attitude’, ‘they went to the end.’ You can dress it up how you like.”

However, he was delighted with his team as a whole. “The players have got to hold their heads up high for what they’ve done in the last two months.”

King went on to say “All three goals were excellently executed. What people have got to realise is that we are putting square pegs in round holes. We’ve had to play two little ones up top, five foot five and five foot six, the pair of them. Two massive centre halves are coming in over the top of them. They’re competing. They’ve done ever so well, the two of them up front, worked their socks off.

“We’ve had to put a centre-half in centre-midfield, a left-back at right-back. We’re bare bones with what we’ve got and still pulling up trees.”

There had been an attempt to bring in a new striker but it didn’t work out. King explained “We went in for one at a club. He is on very very big money there so we made an offer but didn’t quite get to the offer that they wanted so it didn’t happen.

“Do we still need one? Yes we do. A million percent we still need a big forward. We probably need a couple of reinforcements. We’re very light. We’ll have Dave (Ijaha) back next week but we’re still very very short.

“We lose Craig (Braham-Barrett) next week so we’ve got another obstacle there to fill. Other teams are bringing on subs that make differences. We’re juggling around the side with the players we’ve got.”