Kent Kings set for Potters test
Kent Kings set for Potters test

Kent TouchTec Kings aim to reach the top of the National League table for the first time this season by seeing off the challenge of the divisional ‘Fours’ champions Stoke Potters at Central Park this evening.

Kent go into the match with Nathan Ablitt back after four weeks out and Jordan Jenkins returns after injury also.  They’ll be Rider Replacement [R/R] used for the most recent injury victim, Alex Spooner – with no. 8 Jake Mulford expected to feature. 

The ‘Guest’ for skipper Rob Ledwith – out with a broken collar-bone – is Plymouth’s Yorkshire-based racer, David Wallinger.

Stoke have an absentee too with R/R used being used in their side: for the experienced Luke Priest.


Teams [in alphabetical order]

Kent TouchTec Kings:

Nathan Ablitt; Dan Gilkes; Jordan Jenkins; Drew Kemp; Jake Mulford [no. 8]; Anders Rowe; David Wallinger [G]; R/R for Alex Spooner


Stoke Potters

Joe Alcock; Connor Coles; Joe Lawlor; Corban Pavitt; Tom Perry; Shelby Rutherford; R/R for Luke Priest; no. 8 tbc