Kent Kings set for home opener
Kent Kings set for home opener

Finally it’s Terrific Tuesday and Kent Speedway’s new race night debuts with the first-ever SGB Championship fixture at Central Park, Kent TouchTec Kings versus Glasgow Tigers – 6.30pm start time tonight (Tuesday 8th. June).

For the Kings’ it’s the long-anticipated Central Park debut of Scott Nicholls and Kent’s seven-times British Champion will have a busier night as will his team mates with the news that cover for the currently side-lined (with a shoulder injury) Cameron Heeps will be the utilisation of the Rider Replacement facility – whereby the missing Aussie’s rides will be shared out amongst his team mates.

The Number 8 race jacket will be worn by Kent Royals’ brilliant teenager Jake Mulford, fresh from qualifying for his first GB Under 21 Final having taken second place in Sunday’s semi final at Mildenhall.

Glasgow are led by another former British Champion and Speedway Grand Prix rider in Craig Cook.

Advance seats (required for this all-ticket fixture) will be available from 10am from the Central Park office to personal callers and on the ‘phone 01795 475547

Teams (in alphabetical order)

Kent TouchTec Kings

Tom Bacon; Dan Gilkes; Paul Hurry; Ben Morley; Scott Nicholls; Paul Starke; No. 8: Jake Mulford

Glasgow Tigers

Craig Cook; Sam Jensen; Broc Nicol; Ulrich Ostergaard; Justin Sedgmen; Jack Smith; Ricky Wells