Kent creates world’s most expensive trophy
Kent creates world’s most expensive trophy

Experts have valued a trophy, designed by a Kent company, at 23 million pounds – making it the most expensive sporting trophy in the world.

The Bearsted-based firm, Aford Awards, which makes trophies for the likes of the British Grand Prix, set out on designing the one-of-a kind trophy with jewellers and designers around 6 months ago.

It features 2,200 diamonds, each costing around 10 thousand pounds, and a single, solid, red ruby to mark the companies 40th anniversary this year.

It’s made from iron with a silver-plated finish and stands at 28 inches high and takes the ‘World’s Most Expensive trophy’ title away from the FIFA World Cup which is valued at $20 million (around £14m).

Jon Ford, managing director at Aford Awards, said: “We are all trophy geeks here at Aford Awards and huge football fans.

“This year we celebrate our 40th anniversary and so to commemorate that, we set ourselves the huge task of creating the most expensive trophy in the world and trump the FIFA World Cup!”

The team at Aford Awards has spent several months trialling designs and working out how to increase the value of the award.

Jon added: “Making a trophy from scratch that has no history and making it just as valuable, has tested us to the limit.

“Obviously the World Cup, and other similar sporting trophies, has value based on what it stands for.

“So we’ve added 2,200 diamonds and one red ruby to mark the company’s landmark celebration.

“Should a customer want to see what our trophy could look like in real life, we do have a replica sitting in our showroom.”

Angela Clemmet has been a diamond mounter in Harrogate for 15 years and has been working on the project with Aford Awards.

She said: “It’s taken a lot of hard work to find and source the right diamonds for this project and add value to the trophy.

“This cup is certainly a one off and quite an achievement for all involved.

“If someone decides to buy it they will indeed have the most expensive trophy in the world, which will be very special!”