Invicta Dynamos 4-7 Chelmsford Chieftains
Invicta Dynamos 4-7 Chelmsford Chieftains

Invicta Dynamos fell short with a 7-4 defeat to rivals Chelmsford Chieftains with a late collapse in the third period.

Dynamos were missing Arran Strawson, Kieron Jones, Gregor McAllen and Mark Williams. Meanwhile Chelmsford were missing Jaden Boolkah, Liam Chong, James Dimond and Frankie Sabine.

Grandy-Smith was in net for the Dynamos. Chelmsford had Ben Clements between the pipes.

Chelmsford opened the game with a goal 15 seconds in. Grant Bartlett sent a one timer towards the net and Grandy-Smith was unable to save.

Dynamos were quick to retaliate as Tomas Banovsky skated through the middle of the ice with no competition. He shot low and the puck slid beyond Clements. Both teams tied at 1-1 at 3:40.

Tom Davis tried to give the Dynamos the lead, but the puck hit the crossbar and went over the net.

Dynamos defence let Cameron Bartlett sneak through as the ex-Dynamos forward skated on the breakaway. Close call but Grandy-Smith blocked the shot.

Chelmsford regained the lead as Ross Brears shot through a crowd of bodies. The puck slipped beyond Grandy-Smith. The visitors led 2-1 at 8:48.

Dynamos managed to once again even the score as Banovsky fed Elliot Farrell. Farrell passed to Dell who was waiting at the back post. Goal two for the Dynamos scored at 11:17.

Finally, the Dynamos took the lead as Dell added another goal to the score board. Banovsky shot through a crowd of players and Dell managed to tap it in at the crease. Goal three for the Dynamos scored at 16:56.

Chelmsford evened the score again as G. Bartlett managed to deke past Henry Aiken and get a clear shot on Grandy-Smith. Goal three for the Chieftains scored at 19:43.

End of the first period and the Dynamos tied 3-3.

Second period underway as Harrison Lillis attempted a blue line slapshot but Clements saved with ease.

The Dynamos defence left C. Bartlett wide open in front of Grandy-Smith. The ex-Dynamo found his brother who was waiting at the back post. Goal four for Chelmsford scored at 31:39.

Player Coach Anthony Leone tried to even the score, but the puck went over Clements.

End of the second period after non-stop end to end play. Both teams fighting hard for the lead.

Third period underway. Chelmsford tried to further their lead as James Ayling used Ryan Morgan as a screen, but Grandy-Smith managed to glove the puck.

Chieftains furthered their lead as Adam Jakopin slammed the puck beyond Grandy-Smith. Goal five for Chelmsford scored at 45:50.

Another goal for Chelmsford. Dynamos defence made another mistake not targeting Darren Brown who shot the puck over the netminder. Goal six for Chelmsford scored at 54:58.

Banovsky with his second of the night as he clawed back one for the Dynamos. Goal four for the Dynamos scored at 56:14.

Quick retaliation as Ayling skated down the middle of the ice past the Dynamos defencemen and managed to tuck it past Grandy-Smith. Goal seven for Chelmsford scored at 58:12.

End of game and the visitors managed to outscore the Dynamos 7-4 after a tight first two periods. Dynamos made some defensive errors that led to their downfall.

Picture supplied by Dave Trevallion.