Invicta Dynamos 4-6 Chelmsford Chieftains
Invicta Dynamos 4-6 Chelmsford Chieftains

Invicta Dynamos suffered a narrow 6-4 defeat to local rivals Chelmsford Chieftains in a heated encounter.

An empty net goal from Grant Bartlett sealed the win for the visitors with just a second left in the match at Planet Ice Gillingham.

Dynamos had a full squad at their disposal as Zac Grandy-Smith took to the ice in net. The Chieftains were missing Gary Brown, Frankie Sabine, Sonny Phillips and Bradley Moore. Ben Clements took the ice in net for Chelmsford.

First period begun and the tone of the game was set early as Anthony Leone collided with Julian Smith in the corner.

Owen Dell opened the scoring for the Dynamos as he collected the rebound from a Brandon Webster shot. Invicta’s first goal scored at 8:26.

Player coach, Leone continued to land hits on Chelmsford players as he took down two forwards in the space of seconds.

Dell’s goal was soon followed by a goal from Elliot Farrell. Clements was unable to collect a shot from the blue line and Farrell took the opportunity to tuck the rebound into the net. Goal number two scored at 9:32.

Chelmsford tried for their first goal as Grant Bartlett attempted to take a shot, but Joe Stephenson knocked the Chieftains forward off of the puck.

Dynamos forward, Filip Sedivy took a shot from the left circle, but Clements knocked it aside. Webster collected the rebound and put it past the netminder to make it 3-0 at the 17 minute mark.

Chelmsford managed to grab their first goal of the night as a scramble in front of Grandy-Smith resulted in a backhanded goal by Matt Turner. Goal one for the Chieftains at 19:01.

The second goal for Chelmsford came quickly after as Ross Brears escaped on a breakaway. The Chieftains forward sent the puck into the net with a backhand shot. Goal two scored at 19:47.

End of the first period and the Dynamos led 3-2.

Second period started with a quick goal for Chelmsford as Turner sent a fast shot beyond Grandy-Smith. Goal three for Chelmsford scored at 20:52 evening out the score.

Henry Aiken received a 2 + 10 penalty for boarding after checking a Chelmsford forward hard into the board.

Back and forth as both teams tried to take the lead but neither teams could find the back of the net.

End of the second period and the score was all tied up at 3-3.

Third period begun and James Ayling managed to skate beyond the Dynamos defence and tried to get the puck past Grandy-Smith but the netminder pulled off a save.

Chelmsford took the lead as Darren Brown sent the puck over Grandy-Smith in the 49th minute of play.

Arran Strawson tried to level the score as he charged towards the net but Clements saved.

Sedivy on the breakaway. As the Dynamos forward skated down the left wing and let off a fast shot which found the back of the net to level the score at 4-4 at 57.18.

Dynamos tried to keep the Chieftains at bay but after another scramble in front of the net Ayling swept the puck past Grandy-Smith’s leg pad. Goal five for Chelmsford scored at 59:43. 

Leone called a timeout. Grandy-Smith did not return to the ice and the net was left empty.

Grant Bartlett managed to grab hold of the puck and took a shot from his own end which found the empty net. Goal six for the Chieftains scored at 59:59. Bartlett celebrated in front of the Dynamos fans which resulted in an uproar from the crowd.

End of the game and the rivals took the 6-4 win after a physical game. Old rivalry was reignited during the game.

Picture supplied by Dave Trevallion.