Invicta Dynamos 3-5 Milton Keynes Thunder
Invicta Dynamos 3-5 Milton Keynes Thunder

Invicta Dynamos narrowly edged out 5-3 despite a strong effort to nab the points off their closest rivals.

The Dynamos were without Jake Stedman, Ryan Giles and Harrison Lillis but saw Callum Best return to roster for the game. Thunder were missing Jamie Line, Hallden Barnes-Garner, Gareth O’Flaherty and Sean Norris.

Thunder won the opening faceoff as Trevor LeBlanc skated up the wing and took a shot on Connor Morris. Morris was unable to save the Canadian’s shot. Thunder were leading 1-0 after 1:16.

The Dynamos dominated the play and took the puck towards Jordan Lawday. After several attempts, Andy Munroe found the back of the net with a wrist shot to level the score. It was 1-1 at 2:18.

Arran Strawson took a slapshot from the blue line, but the puck went over the top of the net. Owen Dell collected the puck and tried to perform a wrap-around on Lawday, but he easily saved the youngster’s shot.

Lawday was feeling the pressure as after five minutes of play, the Dynamos dominated the play and put him to the test.

However, Leblanc managed to steal the puck from Dell and skated up the ice and took a back hand shot which Morris tried to save with a dive. The goal put the visitors back in the lead with the goal timed at 13:03.

Luke Thirkettle chased the puck into the Milton Keynes end,but Ross Green beat him to it. Thirkettle used his body and shoved Green into the boards. The Dynamos forward tried to recover the puck but was unable to.

The first period ended with the visitors leading 2-1.

The second period began, and the two teams battled for dominance. Oskars Ancitis was sent to the box for two minutes for high sticks.

Soon, Strawson was to join his fellow teammate in the box as he was called for a two-minute hooking penalty.

Goal three for Thunder came from Rio Grinnell-Parke. The Milton Keynes forward came in for the rebound and scored. Powerplay goal for Thunder at 30:37. The goal angered the Dynamos netminder and he slammed his stick into the boards in objection.

Ondrej Zosiak collided with Grinnell-Parke against the boards. Neither party were happy about the check as Grinnell-Parke slashed the back of Zosiak’s legs and cross-checked him. The Dynamos defenceman grabbed the Thunder player and punched him several times before letting him fall to the ice.

Zosiak received a two minute late hit penalty followed by a two-minute roughing penalty while Grinnell-Parke sat in the box for a two-minute cross-check.

Dynamos got lucky as Joe Edwards was sent to penalty box for a two-minute hooking penalty. Followed by Leblanc who received two-minutes for cross-checking.

The Dynamos were unable to score during their powerplay but continued to fight against the Thunder.

Zosiak sent a rocket slapshot towards Lawday who managed to save it but fell on impact.

End of the second period and Milton Keynes led 3-1.

Beginning of the third period and Lawday got lucky as a shot from Anthony Leone rebounded and Louis Colvin’s shot hit the post.

Zosiak got the Dynamos back in the game with a goal. The Dynamos defenceman was tripped as he sent the puck flying but it reached its target. Dynamos second goal of the night scored at 42:14.

Behind the play, Brandon Miles was sticked between the legs by a Thunder play and fell to the ice. The officials ignored the injured player. Miles finally managed to get to his feet and stumbled towards the bench, but he collapsed just before he could reach the gate. The referee blew the whistle, but no penalties were called.

Goal four for Thunder as Bowers skated across the goal and roofed the puck over Morris’s shoulder. Powerplay goal for Milton Keynes, scored at 44:46, gave them a 4-2 lead.

Ancitis showed Edwards who was boss with a huge hit into the boards behind the play. Thunder players were not happy, but the officials did not see the Invicta forwards hit.

Not long after the first hit, Ancitis checked Edwards again into the boards and sent the Thunder player crashing to the ice.

Thunder’s Sam Talbot was sent to the box for a two-minute interference penalty. The young forward had checked Dell who fell head first into the boards, Dynamos were not happy with the hit on their young player.

However, the penalty gave the Dynamos a perfect powerplay opportunity and Strawson sent a rocket slapshot from the blue line. The goal made it 4-3 at 50:30.

Dynamos called for a timeout with just over five minutes remaining of the game. Both netminders returned to the ice.

Bowers beat Ryan Morgan and was alone with Morris. Bowers pulled off the same move as he used earlier in the game and back handed the puck over the netminders shoulder. The Thunder led 5-3 at 55:15.

Dynamos threw every shot they could at Lawday, but none could find the back of the net.

Grinnell-Parked tried to check Strawson into the boards but the Thunders player bounced off of the Dynamos defenceman. Grinnell-Parke and Strawson exchanged some words, Grinnell-Parke hit Strawson on the back of the legs. The Dynamos player now angered, slashed the Thunder forward between the legs who then fell into his own bench.

Strawson received a two-minute slashing penalty. With Strawson in the box, Bowers decided to skate towards the Dynamos bench and had a few words up close with Dynamos coach Kevin Parrish who laughed at the Thunder player.

Only 12 seconds remained, and the Dynamos returned to full strength. Morris was pulled from his net and the Dynamos fired shot after shot at Lawday but could not get it past the netminder as the last buzzer sounded.

The Dynamos dominated the game, but Thunder were able to find the back of the net. The game ended 5-3 to Milton Keynes Thunder.

Picture supplied by Dave Trevallion.