Invicta Dynamos 19-3 Cardiff Fire
Invicta Dynamos 19-3 Cardiff Fire

The Invicta Dynamos sealed a 19-3 victory over a depleted Cardiff Fire side who lost their goalie early in the contest.

The Welsh outfit lost Ben Scanlan after the first period and were forced to put player Cedric Racine in net for the rest of the match which led to a big score line.

Dynamos were missing Jake Stedman, Kieron Jones, Gregor McAllan, and Mark Williams. Cardiff Fire were short benched with only 11 players and one netminder.

Dynamos Owen Rider was between the pipes. While an injured Ben Scanlan was in net for Cardiff.

First period was under way and the Dynamos opened the game with a goal. Arran Strawson slammed a rebound from Aiken into the back of the net. Goal one for the Dynamos scored at 46 seconds.

Dynamos were soon on the powerplay as Josh Haslam received a two-minute tripping penalty.

Juraj Huska sent a slapshot through traffic and Antony Leone beat Scanlan with a quick rebound. A powerplay goal scored at 3:37. Goal two for the Dynamos.

Another goal for the Dynamos as they pinned Cardiff in their end. Strawson sent a pass to Tom Davis who was waiting in the slot. Goal three for the Dynamos scored at 6:20.

Brandon Webster attempted to get his first goal of the night but Scanlan stood tall and sent it flying into the corner with his blocker.

Dynamos Tomas Banovsky skated coast to coast and slammed the puck beyond Scanlan. Goal four for the Dynamos was scored at 11:15.

Another quick goal from Davis as he waited in the slot for the pass from Strawson and the defenceman managed to find the back of the net. Goal five for the Dynamos scored at 13:50.  

Dynamos grabbed their sixth and seventh goal in the space of 30 seconds. Owen Dell scored point blank range with a rebound for the sixth goal scored at 16:26. Huska fired close left just 22 seconds later at 16:48 to give the Dynamos a 7-0 lead.

Cardiff’s Kristians Kasjanovs deliberately pushed off the Cardiff net out of frustration, but the forward received a two-minute delay of game penalty.

End of the first period and the Dynamos led 7-0.

The second period was delayed due to forward Cedric Racine taking the place of Scanlan in net. The Fire were met with an applaud from the home crowd as they returned to the ice.

Racine was quickly called into action as Davis sent a snapshot from the high slot. Racine managed to send it wide.

Dynamos eased off with shots as Cardiff still battled through.

Four more goals for the Dynamos came in quick succession in the space of four minutes thanks to two from Huska and one each from Davis and Farrell. Dynamos led 11-0 at 35:17.

Cardiff managed to get one back as Kasjanovs slammed a low slapshot beyond Rider. The home crowd applauded for the Fire’s first goal of the game.

End of the second period and the Dynamos led 11-1.

Third period under way and Strawson scored his second of the night in 14 seconds. Goal 12 for the Dynamos scored at 40:14.

Another round of goals as Dynamos scored five goals in the space of six minutes. Two goals from Leone and one each from Banovsky, Dell and Webster.

Cardiff got their first powerplay of the game as Ryan Morgan sat a two-minute hooking penalty.

Cardiff Fire claimed their second of the night as Stevens fired the puck low through traffic. Genuine cheers from the whole crowd as the Fire scored their second at 49:56.

The Fire managed to score another goal at 51:08. Kasjanovs scored his second of the night after firing the puck from the left circle. They received another cheer from the whole crowd. Dynamos led 17-3 after Cardiff clawed another one back.

Dynamos still attempted to further their win as Farrell added his second goal of the night to the score board. Goal 18 for the Dynamos scored at 52:58.

Dell attempted another goal, but Racine beat the Dynamos forward and caught the puck.

Dynamos took another shot but hit their own defenceman Joe Stephenson in the process. The defenceman took the puck to his face and dropped to the ice. He finally stood up and made his way to the bench with blood all round his face.

Last two minutes of the game. Webster got his second of the night at 58:14 making the score 19-3.

End of the game and the Dynamos won 19-3. The Cardiff Fire battled till the end, they received a standing ovation from the whole crowd for making the journey, playing short benched and playing two out of three of the periods with a player in net.

Man of the match for Cardiff was Cedric Racine after he put on the pads and went in goal for his team. Dynamos man of the match went to Tom Davis.

Picture supplied by Dave Trevallion.