Invicta Dynamos 1-5 Streatham
Invicta Dynamos 1-5 Streatham

Invicta Dynamos suffered a 5-1 defeat against local rivals Streatham despite a hard-fought battle in the cup encounter.

Dynamos were without Harrison Lillis, Ryan Giles, Mark Williams and Tom Davis.

Streatham were missing Ryan Watt due to a suspension.

The first period begun with a 2 + 10 penalty on Dale Buckland who collided with a Streatham forward in the boards.

Streatham took the opportunity and scored their first goal of the night. Scott Bailey managed to find the back of the net leading to the powerplay goal at 4:18.

Owen Dell attempted to get a wrist shot beyond Damian King but the netminder gloved the shot.

Streatham managed to break out of their own zone as Michael Farn shot the puck beyond Zac Grandy-Smith which secured him the second goal of the night. Goal two for Streatham scored at 9:23.

Goal number two was quickly followed by a third goal for Streatham as Andrew Cook set up Adam Wood who slapped a one timer into the back of the net. Goal three scored at 10:57.

Juraj Huska marked Ivan Antonov and shoved the Streatham forward off the puck. Huska skated through three Streatham men and took a shot King but the shot was padded away.

Streatham defenceman Rupert Quiney shoved Brandon Webster in front of King and the young Dynamos forward fell over the net. Quiney received a two-minute penalty for cross checking.

End of the first and Streatham led 3-0.

The second period started with a powerplay for the Dynamos as Quiney remained in the box for a further 1:26.

First goal for the Dynamos came quickly in the start of the second period as Huska sent the puck flying past King.

Dynamos received yet another powerplay as Rhys McCormick was sent to the penalty box for a two-minute high stick penalty.

Streatham increased their lead with a shorthanded goal after Buckland lost the puck in the Dynamos end. Danny Ingoldsby took the opportunity and secured their fourth goal of the night at 23:31.

Webster on the breakaway but bounced off Farn who tried to check the Dynamos forward mid-ice.

Some words were exchanged after the whistle between Webster and Farn. Jordan Gregory stepped in and began to shove Webster who retaliated. Webster and Gregory dropped the gloves and began to exchange punches. Gregory with more punches but Webster stood his ground and the pair were eventually pulled apart by the officials. The pair received 2+2 for fighting.

Antonov got his first chance of the night to face Grandy-Smith who sent the puck into the corner with his blocker.

Behind the play, Ryan Morgan tripped Jonathan Wallius. The Streatham forward tried to retaliate but the official caught him and Wallius received a two-minute tripping penalty.

End of the second period and Streatham led 4-1.

Third period and Arran Strawson tried to score the second goal for Invicta as he sent a shot towards King who padded it aside. Webster attempted the rebound, but King caught the puck.

Goal five for Streatham as player/coach Adam Carr tipped the puck beyond Grandy-Smith. Goal scored at 43:10.

The Dynamos continued to man mark Antonov as Henry Aiken shoved him off the puck. Antonov recovered but faced a hit from Strawson.

After a period of back and forth Streatham took the win 5-1. The Dynamos stood their ground after a 13-3 loss at Streatham the night before however it was not enough to secure them the win.

Picture supplied by Dave Trevallion.