Invicta Dynamos 0-5 Streatham
Invicta Dynamos 0-5 Streatham

Invicta Dynamos fell to a 5-0 defeat by rivals Streatham IHC on Sunday at Planet Ice Gillingham.

Goals from Ryan Watt, Scott Bailey, Brandon Miles, Adam Wood and Ben Paynter secured the 5-0 win for Streatham.

Dynamos were missing Gregor McAllan and Kieron Jones who were unavailable. A mixture of suspensions and injuries saw them also miss Brandon Webster, Mark Williams, Juraj Huska and coach Anthony Leone.

First period began and Tomas Banovsky received a two-minute penalty for a late hit only 20 seconds into the game.

Streatham made use of the powerplay as Watt scored the first goal for the south London team at 2:09.

Miles hit Arran Strawson in the face with his stick when the official’s backs are turned. Meanwhile, Damien King covered a shot from Jake Stedman. Miles charged in and went to punch Stedman. Miles received 4 minutes’ worth of penalties for incident.

Dynamos tried to secure their first as Banovsky beat two defenceman and tried to get the puck between the pads of King.

Streatham managed to kill the penalty and scored their second goal. Bailey managed to tuck the puck between Zach Grandy-Smith’s legs at 12:59.

Miles tried to get Harrison Lillis to drop the gloves after the whistle, but the Dynamos defenceman ignored him and skated to the bench.

Goal three for Streatham as Beesley beat the Dynamos defenceman. He passed the puck across the net and Miles was there to bury it. Goal scored at 18:09.

Bailey cross checked Banovsky high and which results in a shove from the Dynamos forward. Bailey received two minutes for roughing.

End of first and Streatham led 3-0.

Joe Stephenson did not return to the game after suffering a shoulder injury in the first period.

Second period began and both teams had chances for goals but both netminders were on form.

Lillis and Miles battled in the corner and Miles shoved Lillis resulting in a two-minute penalty.

Streatham secured their fourth goal at 33:45. Banovsky looked to have cleared the puck but it fell to Wood who managed to send it off the cross bar and into the net.

Ryan Giles sent Miles to the ice with a big hit. Miles chased the defenceman across the ice and tried to get Giles to fight but Giles ignored him.

End of the second period and the Dynamos trailed 4-0.

Start of the third period and Owen Dell attempted to score the first goal for the Dynamos but King padded the puck aside.

Miles instigated another shoving match in front of Grandy-Smith with Lillis. Watt received a two-minute interference penalty.

Rupert Quiney skated up the ice and attempted a backhand shot, but Grandy-Smith saved with ease.

Streatham forward, Miles charged at Henry Aiken and received another penalty. Miles then proceeded to shout and bang on the glass at Lillis before sitting down in the box.

Goal five for Streatham as Ingoldsby fed the puck to Paynter who managed to steer the puck around Grandy-Smith.

End of the game and the Dynamos fell to a 5-0 defeat against their local rivals Streatham IHC. With various injuries and suspensions, the Dynamos were left with a short bench.

Man of the match for Streatham was Damien King for his shut out performance. Dynamos man of the match was Tomas Banovsky.

Picture supplied by Dave Trevallion.