How well do you know your sporting trophies?
How well do you know your sporting trophies?

Sports fans around the world are being urged to test their knowledge and find out if they are just a ‘one sport wonder ‘ or in fact a sports fanatic!

Since the start of the year we’ve seen Lewis Hamilton pick up his 4th Formula One World Title, England Under 17s and Under 20s winning the World Cup and The New England Patriots completing the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history to beat the Atlanta Falcons.

Now, to coincide with a number of sporting competitions set to take place in the next 12 months (including The Ashes, the Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup) a ‘guess the trophy’ quiz has been launched to find the most knowledgeable sports fan worldwide.

The game by Aford Awards, who are official suppliers to the British Grand Prix, contains 15 silhouette images of trophies from a variety of sports associated with a particular competition.

You can play the ‘guess the trophy’ quiz here and then see how your sports knowledge scores below:

  • If you guess between 1-5 correctly, you’re an amateur sports fan!
  • If you guessed between 5-10 correctly your knowledge of sports worldwide is impressive
  • If you guess over 10 correctly, you’re truly ‘sports crazy.’