Hollands & Blair 4-1 Punjab United
Hollands & Blair 4-1 Punjab United

After a lethargic first half, Hollands & Blair came back with a bang and claimed all three points against a poor performing Punjab United in today’s match at Star Meadow. 

Punjab kicked us off with a good attack coming in the first couple of minutes with some brilliant passing play but in the end, it resulted in nothing. Blair were quick to respond to this as number 11 Jason Fregene went on a blistering run but was cut short in the final third.

Punjab then took it up the other end and almost scored with Anthony Adesite’s shot but it was saved by Ben Nourse in goal for Blair. Blair yet again responded to this attack and become the much better side as they had a good couple of chances just falling short. The first coming from a great pass from Fregene who found David Abe who took the shot on but was saved by Joe Hagen. Then Pat Bishenden whipped in a searching ball, but it couldn’t find anyone in the box.

But Hollands & Blair’s great attacking play came to a halt when Punjab took the lead through George Goodwin’s Frank Lampard style free kick which Nourse just couldn’t get to.

But yet again, Hollands & Blair just brushed this off and went up the other end and scored as well! New boy Ross Ibertson whipped in a fantastic cross which led to a scrap in the box, but it fell to Jordan Payne who stuck it in the back of the net to make it 1-1.

Holland & Blair then went searching for the goal that would break the draw just before half time with chances coming from Fregene and Bishenden being snubbed out.

The half finished 1-1 with both teams looking like they could get the win. But it was Hollands & Blair coming out much more attacking in the second half.

Travis Jackson had his shot blocked and then Bishenden had his incredible chance matched by an incredible save from Hagen. Ibertson then went on a run and showed off his skill by getting past a couple of the Punjab midfielders and then took on a shot from about 20 yards out which came close to ripping the back of the net.

Punjab had to respond but they just simply couldn’t as Hollands & Blair just kept on the attack. This constant attack had to result in something for Blair and it finally did when Ibertson lofted in an incredible cross from his free kick which met the head of Abe who scored a thunderous headed goal.

Blair didn’t stop there with another good cross in coming from another Ibertson free kick this time met with a header from Fregene which just whistled over the crossbar. Fregene didn’t let this miss get to him as he went on a great run which led to a cross coming in from him resulting in a corner for the home team.

Punjab were definitely down and out for the count as they could just not get out on the attack and Blair just rubbed salt into the wounds as Abe scored an absolutely sublime long ranged, driven shot which found the bottom left corner of Hagen’s goal.

Punjab then finally responded with a shot from Luke Adams causing Nourse to spring into action and making him make an incredible right handed save which tipped the ball out for a corner. Punjab suddenly changed the emphasis of the game after this chance and came out looking for a goal which caused Nourse to make some top notch saves. But it just wasn’t meant to be for Punjab as all of their chances came to nothing.

A great cross in from Simon Cuthbert missed every player in the box and then a good corner came into the box but none of the Punjab players could convert it into the net. However, Cuthbert then got one on one after a spell of poor chances and slotted it into the bottom right corner resulting in a goal, but it was disallowed by referee Stuart Marriott who brought it back for a free kick due to offside.

Blair then went on and scored the fourth just before the final whistle with another great cross coming in from yet another free kick from Ibertson which met the head of Fregene who headed across goal towards Abe who stuck it into the back of the net to get his well deserved hat-trick.

It was a well deserved win for Hollands & Blair and it should hopefully give them the confidence to win the next game against Tunbridge Wells on Wednesday night.




Hollands & Blair FC: Ben Nourse, Harrison Pont, Jordan Payne, Ross Ibertson, Charlie Plummer, Calvin Sedinu, Travis Jackson (Ed Morant), Jack Simon, Pat Bishenden (Manny Abe), David Abe (Lee Garlinge), Jason Fregene.

Subs not used: Marc Turner


Punjab United: Joe Hagen, Taldev Gosal (Arif Ahmed), Joe Loft, Kieran Simms, Paul Lorraine, Adam Cuthbert, Luke Adams, Camen Bhandal (Arun Suman), Simon Cuthbert, George Goodwin, Anthony Adesite.

Subs not used: Dimitrious Kapsokostas and Nicholas Donaldson.


Report co-written by Ethan Fergusson.