Graham proud of Gills push
Graham proud of Gills push

Gillingham’s late Play Off push has been inspired partly by the creativity and goals of Jordan Graham, but the winger is insistent that it’s been a team effort to get Steve Evans’ side into post season contention.

Ahead of Saturday’s draw at table topping Hull City, the players had their first week off for some time – a break that the players welcomed as Graham admitted. “We needed the break,” he said, “it came at a good time to be honest as we’ve run ourselves into the ground in the last few weeks with so many games – it’s been tough, and it’s been crazy!”

“A tough ask for everyone, but the rest was really needed, and the Gaffer has looked after us and gave us a couple of days off last week!”

“There’s loads of belief in the squad that we can keep things going. The atmosphere in the changing room and on the training pitch is second to none – and the boys deserve it as everyone has worked so hard collectively.”

“The whole season has been tough, and we’ve been too inconsistent at times. We’ve had some good results against good teams but then not followed it up against teams that we should have beaten, and it’s hazarded our momentum when we could easily have been in the top three or four in the division.”

“But the boys have some real belief at the moment as we’ve started to find some form in the last month or so – March has been a really good month for us – and if we can take that energy that we’ve got at the moment and attack these last games, who knows where we could end up?”

“But there’s a real belief amongst us at the minute with everyone involved at the Club that we can achieve something special.”

“I think that one of the main things is that in my opinion is that the side hasn’t been tweaked much in the last month – I think there’s been the odd change – the back four has been solid and that’s given people like me and Vadaine (Oliver) the chance to express ourselves and they’ve been brilliant and we’ve just found some chemistry among us on and off the pitch that’s worked well for us – everyone’s really close and gets on really well together – it’s a hard working funny group with good banter – I really think that the lack of chopping and changing on the pitch by the manager has really helped to find something together.”

“It’s been a complete team effort as the boys at the front know what the boys at the back are doing and the boys at the back have faith in the forward players.”

“At the end of the day, we’ve got no-one to fear in this League as everyone can beat everyone! I don’t think that there’s anyone in League who would fancy playing us in the Play Offs if we can get there.”

“I understand that most teams don’t like it that we don’t play like Barcelona do, but we’re a couple of points off the Play Offs for a reason and at this stage of the season everyone is where they are because it’s where they deserve to be!”

Graham then paid tribute to the missing Priestfield faithful saying, “My time at Wolves was quite special and outside of my Molineux career, the Gillingham fans this season have been the best I have ever experienced.”

“I think a lot of that is because they haven’t been in the stadiums and because they haven’t been here, social media is the way that a lot of them have shown their support as it’s the only way that they can show their support – and they’ve been brilliant.”

“We talk about it at the training ground, and it does keep your spirits up. When you’re doing well it really does make things a lot better still…”

Picture supplied by Gillingham Football Club.