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Gilham Junior joins Mini Challenge Trophy grid
Gilham Junior joins Mini Challenge Trophy grid

Tommy Gilham will join the grid for the Mini Challenge Trophy this weekend at Donington Park, following in his dad Tony’s racing footsteps.

Tommy, no stranger to the racing scene, has been progressing on his Motorsport path in the VW Cup this season, securing multiple victories and consistently running at the front of the pack. Now, he’s taking on a new challenge by joining the Mini Challenge Trophy lineup, ready to prove his skills on a larger stage.

This exciting opportunity has been made possible by the invaluable support of the team’s partners. Major thanks go out to PMSE (Property Management South East), Autobrite Direct, De’Jon Pier’e, A-Star Maintenance, and Go-Fix for their instrumental role in creating this chance for Tommy to shine.

Tony Gilham, a popular figure in motorsport circles and Tommy’s proud father, shared his excitement about Tommy’s upcoming debut. “Seeing Tommy step onto the Mini Challenge Trophy platform is a moment of immense pride for our family and the entire team. We’re incredibly grateful to our partners for their unwavering support”.

Tommy’s appearance on the TOCA package marks a significant milestone in his journey. While the road ahead is yet to be mapped out, this weekend’s event signifies a crucial juncture for Tommy’s career, promising gripping racing action and memorable moments.