Fresh challenge for Nixon
Fresh challenge for Nixon

Jack Nixon has been looking back on his 2019 season in the HEL Performance British Motostar season and ahead to the 2020 British Superstock 600 series.

Nixon will make the move to the British Superstock 600 class and he is looking forward to the new challenge.

Speaking to Kent Sports News about last season, Nixon said: “Looking back at the 2019 season, I think that it was tough but I still had some good results.

“I was in a really strong position throughout preseason testing, my fitness and speed was great and looking positive for a chance at winning the championship. After crashing out of the lead on the first race weekend of the season and injuring my back, it really made everything a bit difficult.

“The injury itself was a bit worse than it first appeared, and set me back throughout the season. Despite that, I still managed to get multiple podiums and even a race win in the British Talent Cup, I was hoping for a bit more but I have to take the positives and at least I know what was holding me back.”

Jack is still learning and adapting as he gains more and more experience and the faster you go the more you need to do in terms of bike set-up.

He added: “Yes there is a lot of learning and adapting to do, I have never had more than two years in the same class- so there is always something new to learn or to perfect.

“When you begin to go faster, your bike set up is changing at every single track, so there is always improvements to be made. But I have found that it is also a big team effort, and that my team and mentors have helped me to learn and think more about changing my riding style to become faster and better.”

Looking ahead to the 2020 season when it gets underway Jack is looking forward to showing what he can do in the Superstock 600 class.

“I am very excited for the eventual 2020 season, after a tricky year I am pleased to move onto a new bike and challenge in the SuperStock 600 class.

“I know that it will be completely different to my Moto3 bike, but I feel like I can do a good job and progress quickly. I am looking to be at the front as soon as possible, I want to be back to winning races regularly and I have the support and package to do so.

“I am very glad to be back with the Santander Salt Team for 2020, it is nice to be back in a familiar environment and continue the good relationship that I have with the team and my team mates. I am hoping that it will add to my performance by still working with the same people and not having to learn anything new in that sense.”

Just before the country went on lockdown and sport was put on hold Nixon got to go testing in Spain on his new Kawasaki ZX-6R.

He said: “Almeria was a great chance to get a ride on the new Kawasaki ZX-6R, the weather was great for all four days so I had a great chance to adapt my riding style and slowly get used to the power and weight of the bike.

“The test wasn’t necessarily about lap times, but I still managed to reduce my lap times massively over the four days and get down to a respectable time. I began to feel really confident with the bike, and I am really happy with how I am riding this year.

“The jump to a 600 is a big one, but I am enjoying have a bit more power to play with and cannot wait to get started eventually this season.”