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Dragon Boat Racing at Chatham Dockyard
Dragon Boat Racing at Chatham Dockyard

On Sunday 5th June at Chatham Dockyard, 22 teams battled it out to win, to win you had to get the fastest time in three heats & the fastest 6 would compete for the trophy.

The 22 teams were made up of 16 & a drummer:
Geku Robot Team
Grain & Good Gliders
Electric Sparks ( the team I was in )
Lukes Love Boat
Rule Brittania
Snow White & the 19 Dwarfs
Meta than the Rest
Enter the Snogard
Pembroke Dragons
Lets Burlesque
Sally Army Sinkers
The Carpenters
Team MHS
Norse People
New Kids on the Dock
Medway Rowers
Medway Chinese Methodist Church
Basic Boat
The Dirty Oars
University of Greenwich

The completion started at 10:00 ish with two boats at a time & after 3 heats the fastest 6 would be in the final while 7th to 12th would compete in the plate final.

The weather was good for the racing especially as thunderstorms had been predicted, anyway we were in the second heat & everything looked rose as we won easily & after everyone had rowed we were 5th but that was the end as we were worse in our next two heats & ended up in 15th place.

The times ranged from 1:08.05 to 1:23.03 so it was quite competitive.

The Plate Final results were as followed

  1. Grain & Good Guiders 1:14.37
  2. Basic Boat 1:14.74 PHOTO FINISH
  3. New Kids on the Dock 1: 15.22
  4. Snow White & the 19 Dwarfs 1:15.71
  5. The Dirty Oars 1:17.02
  6. Meta than the Rest 1:19.00

The Mayor Final results were as followed:

  1. Geku Robot Team 1:07.31
  2. Medway Rowers 1:08.32
  3. Enter the Snogard 1:08.64
  4. Rule Brittania 1:12.13
  5. Sally Army Sinkers 1:12.60
  6. The Carpenters 1:13.22

As you can see by the times the teams got quicker which shows how good these teams were.

The day was a great success with Medway Sun Rotary Club making money for charity & also in tandem was the Food & Drink stalls.

Pictures supplied by Sabik Quddus.