CMR set to test with LCM Kart Team
CMR set to test with LCM Kart Team

CMR are excited to announce that they will be taking part in the F100 spirit of the 90’s test day at Buckmore Park Kart Circuit at the start of July with LCM Kart Team.

Kent Sports News very own caught up with Charlie to get his thoughts on the news.

Speaking about how quickly this came about given the recent lockdown situation.

He said: “Yes, this seemed to happen quite quickly. The guys at F100 Spirit of the 90’s announced there would be a weekend test at Buckmore Park and it was an opportunity to get out in a kart around my local circuit. So I contacted Lee Crampton at LCM and he has very kindly sorted me a test in one of his karts.

Charlie knows all about the karts that he will be testing having competed against them last season.

He added: “Lee has managed to get me out in one of his LCM Compkart F100 Aqua’s. These are the karts that shared the grid with me last season whilst racing in the FQ250 kart.

“The main reason behind this test is to see how I fair in a real two stroke kart. Having taken part in both Club100 and Dmax now, I’m starting to get a like for the 2-stroke karting scene and it’ll be interesting to see how I get on.”

Charlie is looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the kart and finding out what it feels like to drive, and what he is aiming to achieve with the test.

“To be the fastest?? No, the aim of the test is to get a feel for it, to work with Lee and get a good understanding of the Kart and to also see how we do.

“With everything that has gone on this season with the Covid-19 stuff, our plans have changed massively. Our aim now is to get as much track time as possible with a view to stepping up from the rental kart scene in 2021.

CMR would like to thank Lee at LCM and the guys and girls at F100 Spirit of the 90’s for making this happen along with all of his sponsors. Uggly&Co, The Black Dub, Mab-Fit, Kent Commercial and Residential Cleaning, Club 73 Karting, Buckmore Park Kart Circuit, Kent Sports News, British Motorsport News, Demon Tweeks, B.T.M Fitness, Denham Heating Services, JDS Photography, Offset CBD, Linton Seafoods, FRO Systems.Without these people, CMR wouldn’t be able to go racing.