Chatham Town vs Southall – Preview
Chatham Town vs Southall – Preview

Chatham Town face Southall in the First Qualifying Round of the FA Cup with manager Scott Lindsey knowing that whilst a win and progress will be great for the club, ultimately its promotion that the manager is targeting.

Speaking to KSN, Lindsey said: “The FA Cup is a brilliant competition for any smaller Non-League club to try and get that little bit of extra revenue through the prize money and in terms of gate receipts even though at the moment there is of course a limit on the numbers you can have inside the ground.

“It can be and always has been a money spinner for the smaller clubs and we’re no different! Having said that, from a footballing point of view from my side of things, its important that we continue to win games, winning games is a good habit to have and from the thirteen games I think it is since we came back, we’ve lost just one! Its building some momentum and a winning mentality which I’m pleased about.”

“Tonight’s going to be a hard game as Southall play at the same kind of level as we do in terms of standard. They’ve got pace at the top end of the pitch that I know about, it will be a difficult game and we’ll have to be really on our guard and playing at a standard that will allow us to create chances and win the game.”

He went on, “I’ve never hidden from the fact that promotion is our aim for this season, we’ve got the FA Vase that we want to do well in and the FA Cup that we want to continue in, but we want to try and get promoted. I’ve been “accused” of having a big squad by others, a lot of people have made comment about how big the size of my squad is.

“I’ve got 21 players that I can call upon but the reality is that we’re only three weeks into the season and of the 21 players, we’ve actually started 18 of them already and we’ve only played five and a half games! It’s a good job that I have got a big squad as we’ve already picked up injuries, suspensions and tired legs, so its important we have got the squad.

“I believe that whatever team I do pick and whatever players there are within that team, the standards wont drop as we’ve got strength in depth, I feel that if I bring players on from the bench, I feel that it wont weaken the team at all. I think I’ve got 21 players who are capable of playing every week.

“We’ve got a really good captain in Jack Evans, who has really stepped up and brought the squad together; organising bits and pieces off the pitch which is always important to create a true togetherness on the pitch. At the moment, I’m delighted with what I’ve got as I feel that most teams that have success not only get their act together on the pitch but they have a real close togetherness in the dressing room as well which I think we’ve got.”

With the Prime Minister due to make an announcement later on Tuesday about another possible Lockdown, Lindsey admitted, “There’s talk of another Lockdown, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it did happen,” the Chats boss said.

He went on, “It will probably come at the wrong time for us as we’re winning games. But what can we do about it? We can sit here and jump up and down and moan and groan about it but there’s no point! At the end of the day, Boris Johnson isn’t going to listen to Scott Lindsey so if he’s going to put us back into Lockdown, we’ve got to get on with it, and make sure that when we do re-start we will be ready!

“I think its vitally important to get a football season finished this season and its vitally important for Chatham Town Football Club as our aim is to get promoted.

“Last year, some will say that we didn’t look like we’d get promoted, I disagree as we had eight games left which I firmly believe we would have won which would have given us a chance of promotion. With this season in mind, this is our season I believe and if there was a situation where the season wasn’t finished it would have a devasting effect on the club!”