Chatham Town 0-1 Fisher
Chatham Town 0-1 Fisher

It was a great game on paper as both Chatham Town and Fisher FC were fighting for third place in the last game of the season. However, in reality the game wasn’t the best as Chatham had to settle for fourth place as Fisher came out on top with a 1-0 victory!  

Report by Alfie Hill and Ethan Fergusson

Chatham got us underway, but it was Fisher who got the first chance of the game after some lovely play allowed them to create a chance for Jamie Brown. However, Brown’s shot just narrowly rolled past the post on the 10th minute. The Chats were quick to respond as Harrison Carnegie nearly put Chatham ahead with a lovely chipped effort, but it skimmed over the crossbar on the 17th minute.

Chatham continued pressing and almost scored after an outrageous effort from Matt Bodkin almost payed off. Bodkin hit the ball on the volley from about thirty-two yards out and almost struck gold but instead it just went wide on the 27th minute.

Fisher then took the ball up the other end and earned a free kick when Chandler Kasai got brought down. Jake Rose then stood up and took the opportunity to put his team ahead and he did just that when he whipped the ball in towards the far post. Dan Ellis was unlucky as he got his hands to it, but the shot was just too good as it still found the net!

The half then started to die out as both teams struggled to create any chances and also struggled to get any positive football into their opposing halves! However, Carnegie almost equalized on the brink of half time, but his shot just couldn’t create a final product.

Referee Joe Dann-Pye then blew his whistle to signify the end of the half leading Chatham fans to ask if they could get back into this tie.


Chatham almost did on the 54th minute when a good free kick almost created a stir for Fisher, but Dan Wheeler punched it clear of any danger. Chatham continued to press on and seemed to have found their attacking mindset as they had another great chance when Zak Henry found a Chatham head after a great ball in, but again this chance came to nothing on the 64th minute.

It looked as if it was going to be one of those games to Chatham and Fisher fans as both of their teams continued struggling to make anything happen.

However, on the 82nd minute, Fisher had a spark of great play fall to them as it set up Afilabi Soyemi-Olade for the perfect opportunity, but his shot was not the greatest of shots as a poor connection sent it miles wide. Fisher looked as if they were going to hold out for the remainder of the half as Chatham just couldn’t get past their defense however, Bodkin looked to have found a way and tried to spark a chance for Chatham but Wheeler was able to make a comfortable save on the 88th minute.

Fisher, considering they had spent a lot of time defending, then tried an attack of their own which almost payed off when they were awarded a free kick in a promising position. The ball came in and found the head of Andrew Mott who headed wide to the luck of Ellis who was beaten by the chance!

Dann-Pye then blew his whistle bringing the game to an end and signifying a win for Fisher which secured them a well-deserved third place. Chatham will be looking to carry on their incredible displays into next season but today just wasn’t one of those displays.


Chatham Town: Dan Ellis, Danny Grant, Matt Parsons, Zak Henry, Richard Avery, Reece Butler, Harrison Carnegie, Tom Fitzgerald, Paul Vines (Captain), Byron Walker, Matt Bodkin.

Subs: Corey Walters-Wright for Richard Avery (10th Minute), James Fray for Harrison Carnegie (45th Minute) and Paul Gross for Byron Walker (66th Minute).

Subs not used: Tyler Juggins and Henry Newcombe.

Yellow Cards: Corey Walters-Wright (56th Minute) and Reece Butler (59th Minute)

Red Cards: N/A

Fisher FC: Dan Wheeler, Harvey Brinkley, Ritchie Hamill, Pat Geddis, Mudiagha Wanogho (Captain), Dan Flemming, Jamie Brown, Andrew Mott, Mathieu Ramsamy, Jake Rose, Chandler Kasai.

Subs: Trey Small for Harvey Brinkley (45th Minute), Afilabi Soyemi-Olade for Mathieu Ramsamy (81st Minute) and Harry Tobin for Jake Rose (86th Minute)

Subs not used: Rob Brown and Jacob Skelly.

Yellow Cards: Jamie Brown (56th Minute)

Red Cards: N/A

Referee: Joe Dann-Pye

Assistants: Steve Roots and Alexis Stacchini.

Attendance: 207