Charlton future very much in doubt
Charlton future very much in doubt

Widespread speculation prompted both Charlton and the EFL to comment on the current situation at the club on Monday.

There has been confusion over why the approval of the consortium headed by Manchester businessman, Paul Elliott, had dragged on so long. 

Here is the statement issued by the club:

“Throughout the extensive communication with the league, the club has received numerous requests for information from the EFL and provided responses to the league as soon as it has been requested.

Getting the change of ownership approved is the top priority of everyone at the club and there is no delay on the part of the club. 

The club will be in touch with the league on Tuesday morning with aim of getting this process concluded.”

T‎he club issued a further statement regarding player sales after various articles in Monday’s newspapers:

 ‎”Following articles in the national media this morning, the club’s prospective new ownership group want to make it clear that there is no intention to sell any of the club’s key contracted players.

The consortium would like to assure Charlton supporters that they have begun making plans to strengthen the squad for next season to give the club every opportunity to get promoted back to the Championship.”

What the plans are is a mystery. Lee Bowyer said last week he had not even compiled a list of players he wanted for next season as he had no idea of what his budget would be.

The EFL then issued this statement

“The League is aware of the frustrations and concerns the current situation is having on all those associated with the Club, including staff, players and supporters, particularly in recent weeks whilst it has attempted to try and work through the various and complex challenges out of the public eye.

Extensive correspondence has been exchanged with the Club in respect of outstanding information that is still required to be submitted to the EFL and the League will continue to work with the Club.

However, it remains the responsibility of the Club and any prospective owner(s) to demonstrate that the requirements of the EFL Regulations are met.  The Club is aware of the consequences of not meeting those requirements.

The League will not provide a running commentary on this matter but will update as appropriate.”

It is the first time the EFL has commented on the situation publicly, so no one is expecting a “running commentary” but their clarification of the situation is welcome.

These are deeply worrying times for Addicks fans. The “consequences” mentioned. In the EFL’s statement are that the club would not be granted it’s operating licence for next season.

Both sides seem to be apportioning blame to the other. 

Sustainability of funding and its source are the crucial factors the EFL want proof of before they approve the takeover.

The onus is on the prospective owners to furnish the EFL with the required information quickly. With less than seven weeks until the 2020/21 season kicks-off, it is hard to over estimate how critical a time this is for the club.