Bayford Meadows keeping fans updated
Bayford Meadows keeping fans updated

We currently don’t have any racing being undertaken in the U.K. but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your racing fix.

Bayford Meadows are currently taking a number of calls and emails from owner drivers and hire kart drivers, wanting to know when the circuit will re-open.

The circuit management are hoping that May will present them with some answers on when they potentially can open and allow people to take to the track. Whilst also respecting any social distancing rules and those on social gatherings and numbers that can be allowed into the circuit at any time.

Speaking on reopening, they said: “In anticipation of a return we have conducted a thorough review of our working practices and have put action plans in place that will enable us to restart our karting activities in a safe environment.

“We are as anxious as you to see karts back out on the circuit but we must follow the government guidance, tragically people are still dying in large numbers from the virus.”

However they are still organising racing albeit on line, with their very own Esports racing series.

The added: “We have races for newcomers and more experienced game racers.

“If you don’t want to race you can still enjoy the action and follow your friends from Bayford Meadows by watching the live stream of the races on the Bayford Meadows Live page on Facebook.”

Last week they held a ‘Kart Chat’ forum via Zoom call that went well and they are looking at hosting other evenings for any of their race groups, and asking for them to contact the circuit if you are interested.

Images courtesy of PB Photos