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Back to training in no time
Back to training in no time

A lifetime dedication to strength training ensured David Wallis, aged 79 was eligible for a hip replacement. But even more remarkable is quite how soon David was back to training with his coach at Body Mentors in Sevenoaks.

Just 6 weeks later he was back to performing the bench press, deadlifts, and squats, completely pain-free.

The surgeon was so confident in David’s body strength that the surgery, which is usually performed on weekdays with a full team, was even scheduled for a weekend.

“I was strength training with Body Mentors right up to the week before the op. Assessing my condition and seeing that I was fit and strong, the surgeon booked the replacement – for a Saturday.”

“In the week prior, the hospital intimated that the op shouldn’t go ahead – understandably concerned, no doubt, that having a 79-year-old on the table was too great a risk without the full backup team, which didn’t come in at weekends. Clearly the surgeon didn’t share this concern, as the op went ahead as scheduled!”.

“A fraction over five weeks after the op, having met with the surgeon a final time, I was back in the gym with Jonathan and Will. Neither the surgeon nor the physio expressed any reservations over my returning to training. Both the surgeon and physio said my recovery rate was due to my fitness leading up to the operation”, David Wallis.

Following his successful operation, and a short rest period David made his return to the gym, keen to get back into the swing of things as soon as possible.

“I was truly astonished by David’s recovery. Just six weeks after his full hip replacement, he returned to the gym for light training. His return to the gym was almost like nothing had happened. His commitment to his strength and wellbeing is nothing short of incredible, and he continues to be a fantastic inspiration to everyone here!”, Jonathan Murphy, Personal Trainer.

To read more about David’s story, you can find a Q&A on the Body Mentors blog.