Addicks looking at new midfielders
Addicks looking at new midfielders
Lee Bowyer wants to bring in two central midfield players, and he revealed that owner – Roland Duchatelet – is talking to a club about a “big loan”. The “big loan” is not one of the central midfielder.

Here is what Bowyer told the South London Press in an exclusive interview:
‎”Everyone is sending texts about how I have got this player and that player – we know the type we want.
‎”We are working on the midfielder situation and the owner is speaking to a club at the moment on a different position as well.
“It will be a loan – but if it comes off it will be a big loan.
“It will be just as good as Lyle Taylor coming through the door. It’s maybe not that big in comparison, but it will feel like that for me anyway.
‎”We have only two central midfielders in the building – Joe (Aribo])and Jake (Forster-Caskey). We’ve got Taylor Maloney, George Lapslie and young Albie (Morgan) out in Portugal with us and they are doing well, but are they going to start at Sunderland? No.
‎”We need to bring a couple of men in to play in the middle of the park.”
So, the “big loan” could be a keeper – though there are indications that Bowyer will go with Dillon Phillips and Ashley Maynard-Brewer – a defender, a winger or a striker.
Much depends on who leaves, but a winger looks the most likely position for the mystery player.
A Charlton Life reader is staying in the same hotel in Portugal as the squad. A player revealed to him the name of a player who is expected to sign next week.
The player asked that the player’s identity was not made public, but there are some clues. He is a free agent, a midfielder, in his mid thirties with a good pedigree.
There are quite a few players who fit that profile, but his identity is likely to leak out over the next few days.
Meanwhile, the warm-up games start on Saturday. Bowyer’s team will play Queens Park Rangers at their Harlington training ground with an 10.30am kick-off.