Mitchell reflects on title winning season
Mitchell reflects on title winning season

Jack Mitchell will be moving back to the GT3 class of the British GT championship next season having conquered the GT4 class in 2018.

He will be behind the wheel of the BMW M6 alongside Adrian Willmott with Century Motorsport for the upcoming campaign.

Kent Sports News caught up with Jack to get his thoughts on the 2018 season and look ahead to the season ahead.

Speaking about his most successful season so far having won the British GT4 and China GT4, Jack was understandably delighted.

He said: “Yes 100%. Winning the British GT4 Championship is definitely the highlight of my career. Having finished 5th in 2016 it’s good to see the progress I’ve made throughout the years. The championship itself has become a lot tougher since 2016 so to win it this year is a big achievement.

“Winning the championship was always the goal for me this year. I think every driver would like to drive away into the distance and win the championship without any close competition but that’s never the case at this level.

“It’s definitely better for the fans because it brings that extra excitement but for me I’d have preferred to win by a slightly bigger margin just to release some of the nerves and stress at the last race.”

Jack is familiar with the circuits that he races on in the UK, but it isn’t quite the same in China with the two series being different.

He added: “Everything about the two championship are totally different. From the culture, level of competition and how the championships are run. I feel it’s a good place to be involved with at the moment as the market is growing and in the future it will be the place to be but currently it’s seems to be missing the passion to help it improve.”

Mitchell is looking forward to getting back to the GT3 class having not been able to drive in the class in 2018, but his title winning season will help his experience for next season.

“After not being able to compete in GT3 this year it was a bit upsetting but I feel this year’s GT4 Championship win has improved me as a driver and has made me more prepared for GT3 in 2019. 

“Working with an Am driving was new to me this year after racing in China. Our goal with Adrian is to work hard at pre-season testing and get him up to speed and ahead of the other Am’s. It takes a lot of hard work looking through data and videos to find that extra time but the results will show at the end.”

One of the highlights for Jack for next season will be getting behind the wheel and piloting the BMW M6.

He said: “I’m really excited to be getting behind the wheel of the BMW M6 GT3. It’s a car that looks and sounds amazing so it will defiantly excite the fans so I’m hoping we can put the car up the front where it deserves to be.”

Finally, we asked Jack if he was targeting the title for 2019 in the GT3 class.

He added: “Any championship I go into I always aim for the championship. As a team we all know it’s going to be a hard challenge because the car is new to all of us and the level of drivers are some of the best GT drivers in the world. But we have all of pre-season to learn the car and to find the quickest way to drive it before we get down to business in April for round 1.”

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