Massey set for pro-debut
Massey set for pro-debut

Anelle Massey is preparing for the biggest weekend of her life, as she takes to the ring at York Hall, Bethnal Green for her first ever professional fight. 

Speaking to Kent Sports News ahead of her pro debut, Massey said: “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous but I’m also very excited. I have waited a long time and worked so hard for fight night, I can’t wait to get back through them ropes.”

Anelle has a tough opponent for her first fight, whilst she has only had one fight herself, she won that fight and will be looking to continue her winning streak, but Nel is prepared for what happens when she steps through the ropes.

She added: “She’s a tough opponent, having stopped her last opponent but she’s ideal for me. She will rush in, walk onto my shots and I haven’t trained this hard for the last 10 weeks to fight a bum. I’m glad I have got someone coming for a fight.”

In preparation for the fight, Anelle has been put through her paces in a tough ten week camp with her trainer Daniel Woodgate, and she believes that she is as prepared as she can be.

“Camp has gone well, it’s had it’s ups and downs and I have been through everything a fighter can go through in camp and more but I have come out on top and it’s made me a tougher fighter both physically and mentally.

“It’s been by far the toughest training I have ever done, every time Dan said we was stepping training up I didn’t think it was possible to get any harder. It’s been brutal.”

With a week to go to the fight we asked Massey whether the training continues or whether it is a case of maintaining ahead of the fight on Saturday.

She said: “Training dies right down now, we will spend fight week sharpening up and just staying focused on the job. I will just maintain my weight all week ready for Saturday.”

Anelle is going to have plenty of support in her corner when she steps through the ropes on Saturday evening, and that really could prove an advantage for her when the opening bell rings.

“To have my family and friends there means the world to me. My family don’t particular like me boxing only because they don’t like to see me get hurt so to still have them support me the way they do means a lot. Even my Nan and Grandad who hate it bought tickets but aren’t coming just to show there support.”

Massey is looking forward to stepping through the ropes at York Hall, but this time as a pro-boxer.

She said: “I have actually boxed at York Hall before in an English Title eliminator fight as an amateur and I was surreal but the pro shows there are something else. I can’t wait to be dancing under the lights at the famous York Hall and becoming 1-0 as a pro.”