Impressive results for Kent triathletes
Impressive results for Kent triathletes

Three Kent triathletes have put in some impressive results in recent weeks despite challenging conditions.

On 12th July, Kent’s Yiannis Christodoulou and Simon Jones competed in the ITU World Aquathlon Championships in Fyn, Denmark.

The swim was surrounded by jelly fish making it a tricky course. Yiannis had a great swim, nearly 2 minutes quicker than he has swam before in 1000 metres, however struggled in the run due to the hot conditions of 31 degrees.

He came home in 9th out of 33 in his age group 35-39 in a time of 34:12. However, he was 3rd Brit back in his age group, giving him automatic entry to the ITU World  Championships in Pontevedra, Spain in April 2019.

Simon Jones found the swim slightly tough and the run difficult due to the heat. He finished 10th out of 29 in his age group 40-44 and he was 4th Brit back in his age group.  His overall time was 35:11 which was quicker than his World Aquathlon time in Penticton, Canada in 2017.

Dave Bowden competed in the long distance triathlon on 14th July in Fyn, Denmark. In the heat, he came home in 13th out of 50 in his age group 55-59. He was 2nd Brit home in his age group in 7 hours 12 minutes 10 seconds.  He has now automatically qualified for the World Championships 2019 in Pontevedra, Spain.

At the Triathlon England National Aquathlon Championships, Yiannis, still feeling fatigued from the World Championships, took a few days rest prior to the race.

The swim was non wet suit due to the heat. Yiannis struggled in the swim however worked hard on the run to make up places and overtake people.

He came storming home in 1st position in his age group of 35-39 in 31:58. He has therefore become the National Aquathlon Champion for his age group.

Yiannis said “I was very shocked and surprised as I did not expect to place so well after the world championships. Thanks for all the support”.