Swindon Wildcats 8-0 Invicta Dynamos
Swindon Wildcats 8-0 Invicta Dynamos

The Invicta Dynamos suffered another defeat on the road – this time on their second visit to the Swindon Wildcats.

The Mos were able to recall Ondrej Zosiak with the key defenceman making a welcome return from a groin injury. Other than Ryan Giles, the Mos were at full strength giving them 14 skaters.

The first period was only 45 seconds old when the Wildcats opened the scoring – Toms Rutkins skating through the Mos defence and dispatching beyond netminder Adam Long for 1-0 assisted by Chris Jones and Luc Johnson. Only 20 seconds later the Mos found themselves defending a powerplay after import Ed Piacka threw a late hit right in front of referee Paul Brooks. It was the Mos though who could have scored during the two minute spell with Joe Allen leading a break on the shorthand but not troubling home netminder Tyler Perre. The Wildcats’ netminder also done well to perform a double save from Louis Colvin and Ondrej Zosiak with the Mos pushing for an equaliser. That was as best as it got however with the Wildcats notching their second goal of the evening on 11:14 through Edgars Bebris shot at the near post on the powerplay after Harrison Lillis had earlier been punished for kneeing.

The Wildcats should have scored for long after the 2nd goal with Sam Bullas leading a 2 man Wildcats attack against Andy Munroe but the Mos’ defenceman done well to retrieve the puck and clear the danger. A silly mishap in the 17th minute led to the Mos getting penalised for too many imports on the ice, with Piacka sitting the penalty. To run salt into the wounds the Wildcats scored on the powerplay in comedy circumstances with Rutkis firing a shot over Long’s goal, hitting the plexi and falling into the net off the netminders’ back for 3-0.

Lessons weren’t learnt in the 2nd period with the Mos again disciplined for too many men on the ice with Joe Allen taking the cold seat in the penalty box, but this time the Mos successfully killed the penalty. Nevertheless, they conceded goal 4 on 30:41 with Edgars Bebris netting his 2nd of the night. A few chances  fell to Callum Best and Arran Strawson but after they weren’t converted the Wildcats made it 5-0 on 31:55 with Bebris claiming his hat-trick. The Mos had their first powerplay in the 34thminute with Samuel Godfrey sitting two minutes for cross checking Piacka but a deflected Lillis shot was the best the Mos could show. Owen Dell did on the other hand do well to gain the puck from the full strength Wildcats and force a save from Perre in the 38th minute. The Mos ended the period picking the puck out of the net once more with Max Birbraer increasing the scoreline to 6-0 on 39:15.

Adam Long did very well to deny Rutkis on the break early in the third period and the Mos also managed to hit the Wildcats’ goal frame but the 7th Wildcats goal soon came through Aaron Nell on 49:19. Barely a minute later Jake Stedman saw his evening finish early after taking a 2+10 boarding penalty and on that powerplay the Wildcats made it 8-0 through Toms Rutkis which was also his hat-trick. To add to a frustrating night, the Mos lost import Ed Piacka in the 54th minute through a silly game misconduct penalty for abuse to the official.

Referee: P. Brooks ; Linesmen: A. Lack, C. West


Wildcats: S. Jones 0+1, C. Jones 0+2, A. Nell 1+1, L. Johnson 0+3, M. Birbraer 1+1, J. Kostal 0+1, T. Rutkis 3+1, E. Bebris 3+0

Dynamos: None


  1. Perre save percentage – 100% (15 shots/0 goals)
  2. long save percentage – 80.00% (40 shots/8 goals)


Wildcats – 4

Dynamos –  34 (inc. Piacka game misconduct)

Man of the match

Wildcats – E. Bebris

Dynamos – L. Colvin


Picture supplied by Nicola Allen.