Streatham 8-1 Invicta Dynamos
Streatham 8-1 Invicta Dynamos

The Invicta Dynamos suffered defeat in a game they were hoping to get something from when they visited Streatham.

Boosted by the return of Callum Best and Joe Allen, the Mos had 14 skaters on their roster with Conor Morris starting in the nets. The hosts also had 14 skaters available with Condren, Quiney and Gregory ruled out injured.

It was probably the worst start the Dynamos have made to a game this season when they conceded to quick goals – a brace from centre man Ryan Webb in similar fashion when he struck from close range within 20 seconds and also 1:07. The second goal was on a powerplay after referee Richard Belfitt penalised Ondrej Zosiak for interference. Penalties would come thick and fast for the Mos who by the end of the 2nd period had 57 PIMS whereas Streatham only had 2!

The Mo’s pulled a goal back for 2-1 on 5:57 through Oskars Ancitis who shot across King having been assisted by Ryan Morgan and Lewis English. Any hope for the Mos to draw level soon faded on  but conceded another goal on the ten 9:53 when Adam Carr scored on another powerplay for 3-1.

The second period saw Streatham increase the lead to 5-1 courtesy of goals from Leigh Jamieson (21:26) and Ryan Webb (25:42) completing putting the game beyond the Mos. The calls against the Dynamos then started coming thick and fast with Brandon Miles receiving a 2+10 check to the head penalty on 30:36 and Oskars Ancitis also sitting in the penalty box for 10 minutes through misconduct on 31:15. Thomas Beesley went on to score on the powerplay for 6-1 on 31:15 and Tom Soar added more pain on the Mos when he notched Streatham’s 7th goal on 35:41. However, the Soar goal was a sore talking point for the Dynamos with netminder Conor Morris slashing at Jacob Ranson and getting a game penalty. With no back-up netminder available to the Dynamos the second period ended early whilst defenceman come forward Harrison Lillis dressed to replace Morris in the Dynamos’ goal. Lillis faced two shots when the second period resumed with Leigh Jamieson firing the second shot beyond the stand-in netminder on the powerplay to make it 8-1 on 38:25.

The final period saw no scoring from either side with very little to report – although Lillis did pull out one spectacular diving save to deny Adam Wood on a one-to-one.

Referee: Belfitt


Streatham: B. Russell 0+1, A. Roberts 0+1, T. Beesley 1+0, A. Carr 1+2, L. Jamieson 2+4, A. Wood 0+2, M. Farn 0+3, R. Webb 3+0, T. Soar 1+1, A. Siagris 0+1

Dynamos: L. English 0+1, O. Ancitis 1+0, R. Morgan 0+1


  1. King save percentage – 95.00% (20 shots/1 goal)
  2. Morris save percentage – 82.50% (40 shots/7 goals)
  3. Lillis save percentage – 91.67% (12 shots/1 goal)


Streatham – 2

Dynamos –  57 (inc. Morris game penalty)

Man of the match:

Streatham – R. Webb

Dynamos – H. Lillis

Picture supplied by Nicola Allen.