Road to Wembley – Michal Czanner
Road to Wembley – Michal Czanner

There aren’t many players who play in Non League Cup Finals under the Wembley Arch that can boast Inter Bratislava and Locomotiv Raca on their CV!Michal Czanner

But the subject of KSN’s latest Tunbridge Wells interview in the build up to the FA Carlsberg Vase Final can – it’s “back up” keeper MICHAL CZANNER

Having played nearly 150 games for the Wells, Michal is popular with fans and players alike, and smiling broadly (as he’s known to do on a regular basis) he looked ahead to May 4th.

“Wembley is undoubtedly the highlight of my career. I’ll warm up on the pitch although I don’t know whether or not I will play. But just to be part of the build up is fantastic. The Stadium itself is amazing – it’s unbelievable. All over the world there’s not a single player who doesn’t want to play in the stadium because of its’ history, and it will be amazing for me just to step onto the pitch.”

“We’ve played plenty of games since we got to the Final, and that gives me a chance to play a few games and you never know – I might have enough chance to influence the Gaffer into playing me on the day.”

“All the season Chris (Oladogba) and I have swapped between games and we’ve played about half the games each. But Chris has played most of the Cup games and he has done really well so…”

“We’ve a good competition between us especially in training when I try and sometimes help out with the coaching. He’s given me the reason to come and train hard and I’ll push hard back to hopefully make sure that he keeps performing as well as he is at the moment because of me….” chuckled Michal.

“It’s going to be difficult on the day that of course only one of us can play, and I’m gutted that at the moment it looks like it’s going to be Chris who will be starting – but there’s still time so anything could happen between now and the Final.”

Estimates are that upwards of 10,000 Kent football fans could well be at Wembley for the Final – support that Michal fully appreciates, “The support has been amazing and it’s all down to what we have achieved – they have been absoultely brilliant throughout the run and now all the support is more than doubled and doubled again… it’s now down to us to repay that faith and bring them the Cup home for them!”

Join us later for the next in our series of “Road to Wembley” as we speak to every member of the Tunbridge Wells squad. Next up is Joe Fuller…