Mixed emotions for Coyle
Mixed emotions for Coyle

After the three all draw between Welling United and Concord Rangers, Jamie Coyle had mixed emotions.

“I’m disappointed” he said. “It’s the best start we’ve had to a game for a long time and that’s something we’ve really tried to concentrate on because we have been slow out of the box at home.

“We should’ve been two or three up early on. If you miss two or three opportunities like that, you know you’re going to get sucker punched and it came. Defensively, collectively, we were a shambles, an absolute shambles. They’ve only had three or four chances and scored three goals.”

He continued to berate his team’s defensive performance saying “Every single goal they’ve scored today has come from an individual mistake. To be fair to the boys we haven’t been like that this year. We’ve been reliable defensively and collectively. Today it was shambolic.”

One of the things that made Coyle happier was the chances that they created even if the finishing could have been more clinical. He said “It’s mixed emotions today because when you’re two-nil down at home you’ll take anything. There was only one team in it. To be fair to the boys going forward, they were tremendous but you shouldn’t have to score four goals at home to win a game of football.”

There was praise for one defender, however. Archie Johnson has come in for the suspended Ben Jefford and was awarded sponsors man of the match. “I’m really pleased for him. He’s been patient. He hasn’t moaned. He hasn’t moped about like some players we’ve had this year. He’s waited for his opportunity and he’s been tremendous.

“If he carries on playing as he does, he keeps his shirt. I’ve said it all along. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you come into the team and you play well you keep your shirt. He’s done that now for two games and if he keeps doing what he’s doing, he’ll have a long stay in the team.”

Dillon Barnes’ expired loan meant that a change of goalkeeper was necessary. Kleton Perntreou was not fit to play so Calum Kitscha was signed during the week and made his debut against Concord. “We’ve had real bad luck this year (with goalkeepers)” said Coyle. “He’s come in, Calum has, and done OK today, he’s done all right.

“Dillon’s gone back now and he’s not available until January. He wants to come back so we’ll have to look at that. Kleton has been struggling with his lower back. He’s seen a specialist and had an MRI. There’s no major damage, just muscular, so hopefully he’ll be fighting it out with Calum for next Saturday.”

During the season, discipline has been poor hence seven suspensions so far. “I’ve upped the fines and noticed a much better reaction from the players. It’s something that I’ve been aware of throughout the season that needs to be improved.

“We don’t want the club to get a heavy fine and it’s not good to be at the top of the disciplinary league table. It’s too much back chat and a lack of discipline towards the referee.”

Due to his age, Eli Phipps’ loan could not be renewed but he could be signed on a brand new loan, and that has been done. Coyle said “Eli’s here for another month. He loves it here. He was really keen to extend it for another month. He wants to try and stay until the end of the season.

“He’s a great lad. He’s another player that we’ve got in the team that whether starting or on the bench, he adds a real positive feeling around the place. I know it’s disappointing if you’re on the bench or dropped but it’s your body language and approach to the game when you come on and he’s been outstanding.”

Now Welling have a week to prepare for next Saturday’s game at Hermel Hempstead.