It’s a knockout for Kent Kings
It’s a knockout for Kent Kings

‘It’s a Knockout!’ on Monday at Central Park Stadium – but with no inflatable monsters or smashed up pianos in site!

Instead hoping to hit the right note will be the Kent SLYDE Kings as they take on rivals Stoke Potters in what’s now the first leg of a First Round tie in the National League Knock Out Cup [NKOC].

It’s now a first leg affair and not a second leg as previously advertised because the scheduled opening stanza in this latest epic battle between the Kings and Potters didn’t get to take place on Saturday – the hosts having unspecified difficulties with their track after rainy conditions in the Potteries area earlier in the week.

That frustration felt by all who begin or indeed in some cases finished their travels up to Loomer Rd. will no doubt charge the atmosphere up on Monday (4/6) when the Kings really need to build up a good sized lead to take up to the north-west on Saturday 23rd, June (the re-staging date).

Kent persist with Nick Laurence at no. 6 and are to re-gig the riding order in order to effect the necessary improvements to look to establish that crucial first leg advantage.

Teams [in alphabetical order]:

Kent SLYDE Kings:

Luke Bowen; Taylor Hampshire]; Nick Laurence; Anders Rowe; Alex Spooner; Nathan Stoneman; Jack Thomas

Stoke Potters:

Joe Alcock; Tony Atkin; Paul Burnett; Max Clegg; Adam Extance; William O’Keefe; Rob Shuttleworth

Picture supplied by Elizabeth Leslie.