Invicta Dynamos 1-5 Swindon Wildcats
Invicta Dynamos 1-5 Swindon Wildcats

Invicta Dynamos suffered a 5-1 defeat in their first home match of 2019 against the Swindon Wildcats – despite a spirited short bench effort.

Dynamos went into the game without Callum Best, Joe Allen, Ryan Giles and Anthony Leone due to a three game suspension. With the addition of new signing, Oskars Ancitis making his home debut. The Wildcats were missing Jan Kostal, Toms Rutkis, Tyler Perre, Elliot Randall and Ben Nethersell.

The first period of the game saw the Dynamos and Wildcats clash as both teams tried to score the first goal of the night. Dynamos using their physicality to their advantage against the skill of Swindon.

Ondrej Zosiak tried to get the puck past Remy Marr with a speeding wrist shot but the puck hit the post and was flung into the corner.

Lewis English and Matt Foord linked up but Foord’s one timer was read by Marr and he pulled off a pad save sending the puck into the corner. Brandon Miles and Neil Liddiard had words after the two collided in the corner but the Wildcats man was not interested.

First goal of the night was scored by Swindon’s Sam Jones as he put slammed the puck into the goal after a pass from Maxim Birbraer at 15:17.

With 15 seconds left of the period, Swindon tried for another goal, but Ryan Morgan and the Wildcats player collided with Connor Morris in the net and sent the netminder crashing into his own net. Pushing and shoving came after the incident, but nothing came from it.

End of the first period and the Dynamos were 1-0 down.

Second period began and the Dynamos brought the same spirit as the first and tried to bully the Wildcats into turning the puck over.

Second goal for Swindon was scored at 24:53, as Jones got his second goal of the night.

Oskars Ancitis made himself known as he planted a massive hit on Edgar Bebris against the boards and proceeded to hit Sam Godfrey which sent both Wildcats to the ice. Ancitis was penalised 2+10 for boarding but he fired up the crowd and was given a warm welcome as he headed to the penalty box.

The Dynamos killed the penalty and finally get their first powerplay of the night as Godfrey was sent to the penalty box for a two minute tripping minor. However, the powerplay was wasted as the Wildcats controlled the play and tried to pin the Dynamos in their own end.

Goal three for Swindon was scored by Sam Bullas at 36:18 as he fired the puck past Morris.

Dynamos desperate for their first goal of the night as English dangled through Bullas and Loris Taylor but was intercepted by the Wildcats defencemen.

Arran Strawson showed his frustration as he sent Jonas Höög to floor with a hard mid-ice hit with only seconds left of the second period.

The second period ended with Swindon leading 3-0.

Third period opened with several penalties as Floyd Taylor was sent to the penalty box for high sticks.

Foord was also sent to the box not long after as he was called for a 2 minute tripping penalty but was then given an addition 10 minute misconduct.

Swindon scored their fourth goal at 49:56 as Jones’ missed the net but found Birbraer close right who played it across the net to Bullas and secured his second goal of the night.

A minute later Swindon increased their lead again to 5-0 as Höög fired the puck home from close range.

Dynamos were tiring but still proceeded to push for their first goal of the night. Brandon Miles passed the puck to Foord who attempted a goal close range but Ancitis swooped in grabbed the rebound and flung the puck top right corner. Goal timed at 56:09.

Celebrations occurred as Dynamos put themselves on the score board and Ancitis scored his first goal for the club on his home debut.

Last two minutes of the game and the Dynamos goal brought back the team’s energy as they tried to close the gap in the scoring once more.

Ancitis waited at the blue line for a pass from Miles and the Latvian dodged the Wildcats defencemen and faced Marr alone but Marr read the play and performed the save.

The final buzzer sounded as Miles and Owen Dell linked up for one last chance.

Dynamos tired due to their short bench but their spirit never dwindled. Swindon Wildcats took home the win after Nell’s side secured a 5-1 lead.