Dyer wants Welling job full time
Dyer wants Welling job full time

Interim Welling United boss Alex Dyer confirmed that he would like the manager’s job for next season and has very clear views on how he would expect things to change.

“Things will have to change. We don’t want to like a season like we’ve just had. When I say things, I mean things like training, discipline, turning up late.”

“Those sort of things can’t happen. It’s not easy because people go to work and it’s the environment we’re in but we can still do better than what we’ve done this year.”

Chairman, Mark Goldberg has said publicly that he would like to appoint Dyer, but there are still negotiations necessary. Apart from assurances on the budget, Dyer made it very clear that he wants to be a manager who is in control.

Decisions on playing staff for next season would be his. He said “It will be mine. Mine and obviously Tristan (Lewis) with his help. Without a doubt. I won’t come otherwise.”

“There might be one or two circumstances that might be out of my control but 99% of it, I’d want. There are certain players I’d want to stay and certain players that I’d say ‘well done for what you’ve done but it’s time to move on’.”

Lewis will have his hands full building up the new Welling United Academy next season. He had said, a few weeks earlier, that he would be happy to step away from the bench and concentrate on  his new role but that came as a surprise to Dyer.

“He’s not told me that. I don’t know if that’s the case. He was part of the reason why I’m at this football club. He made the call to get me in.”

Dyer went on to say that he would hope that they would continue on the bench together with Lewis as Assistant Manager or Head Coach should he be appointed manager. “He’s a good man” he said “and he knows what he’s doing. I can learn a lot from him as well.”

He also stated that he would be fully committed to the role despite that fact that he has a day job to fit it around “Once I know what I’m doing, I’ll do what I’d do at a pro club.

“I watch games during the season. I’ve always been proactive rather than wait around. I’ll talk to people and do what managers and coaches do to try and get better players.”

“I’ll go and watch games in the afternoon if I’m not working as it’s not a full time job. It it was, it’s a lot easier but if I’ve got to go and watch games I’ll watch games.”

Although he cannot promise immediate success, he had a message for the Welling supporters who have stuck by the Wings through thick and thin “We’ll be looking for a better season than we had last year and we’ll definitely give it 100%, that’s the least we ask.”

Pictures supplied by Dave Budden.