Bingham glad to be back
Bingham glad to be back

Billy Bingham returned to the Gillingham starting line up in the 4-0 victory over Bradford City finally fully recovered from a broken leg last season – an injury that took the midfielder to the very edge.

Talking about the injury to KSN for the first time, Bingham told us, “It was the most frustrating that I’ve ever been in my career.  I was enjoying my football here as much as I had done since I joined the club and then to break my leg – it was a crushing feeling!”

“I know that sounds a bit dramatic to be honest, but it does, and it did crush me especially when it dawns that that’s your season over.”

“But then you start thinking about how long will it be for – automatically when I broke my leg, I remember thinking “is that me done?” and that’s honest, as that’s what went through my head. It was certainly one of the most frustrating times I’ve ever known!”

“The reaction of others though was unbelievable – staff, players, everyone has been great! And when the fans cheered my name against Bradford – that was amazing – but they always have done to be fair, on social media, on everything they’ve been great. They’ve backed me and been extremely supportive and I’ll never forget that – it hasn’t gone unmissed!”

Returning to the starting eleven recently albeit on the left-hand side, Bingham admitted, “I’ll play anywhere the Gaffer asks me to,” he said smiling.

“I may have played in a different position but it’s not going to affect my game – I’ll still look to play football on the floor as much as I can. Playing the left side of the diamond means a little bit more running than the holding role, but that’s not something that I mind!”

The new position has seen Bingham playing in front of Barry Fuller at arguably when Fuller is playing some of the best play of his career.

“Playing in front of him is phenomenal,” Bingham agreed, “but you know the best thing about him even though he’s doing really well and is a great footballer and everything, but the amount he talks to you on the pitch, which you may not see off it, is something that I didn’t realise – it’s very important in football and speaks volumes of him.”

“It’s the group of players that we’ve got which is a really good changing room.  We all want each other to do well – we said before the Bradford game that we want to play more, but if things didn’t go our way we’ll go and get the ball again, and if we give it away, we’ll go after it again.”

“And that’s we wanted to do and as a younger player sometimes things get on top of you a bit more than some of the more experienced around you and it’s great to see all the boys getting around each other!”

Bingham left Saturday’s win over Fleetwood Town at the break with a recurrence of an ankle injury which hopefully won’t keep him out of tonight’s game with Blackpool.